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Boswell October 22, 2011

Having led a seminar on School Law and published the course book, and counseled the board of a private school in West Philadelphia, To help students thrive and succeed, please consider exposing them to music. Come to the Thanksgiving Classical Music Concert, Sat. night, 8 pm, NOVEMBER 19, 2011 at the Korean United Church of Philadelphia, PCA, 1200 West Cheltenham Ave, Phila 19126. This is a benefit concert for the Friends of the OAK LANE LIBRARY, celebrating its CENTENNIAL YEAR. Dan Delaney, & Michael Ronstadt (nephew of Linda Ronstadt) cellists; Eva Young & Cong Fan (winner, best piano performance of the year-in China; played at opening of Kimmel Center); John Frazier, clarinet; Guy West guitar; Janet Marquardt, violin Tickets $20 Adults; $15 Seniors; $10 teens. RSVP and info 215-549-6531 This will be an outstanding concert. Free reception to follow. Bring a cake, or cookies or cider.

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