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Finding kindergarten for my autistic son


Icey128 May 20, 2012

Hi all, my son is transition to kindergarten this september and I am still loooking where will be the best placement for him. He is low function autistic and has delay in all areas. We are receiving ABA home service now and had see some progress. I afraid the public school will not able to provide him with the appropriate services and will like to have some backup schools in my hand. I visit CLC (private) at southampton has very good program but they don't have any opening and e waiting list is go on forever and not to mention their tuition is very very high. Anybody know any school (either public or private) that provide good program for autism kids? Any information will be helpful. Thank you very much

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Phillymom75 May 30, 2012

Hi! I am in the same boat...except my son starts next Sept. I have been calling all charter schools trying to see which even have autistic support classrooms. I am just desperate for him not to end up in a Philly public school. Maybe we can share our findings?


Icey128 June 4, 2012

Thanks phillymom75, I visited some private schools but never the charter schools. At this point, I think my son will not fit into the public school system. Do you mind to give me some of your thought about the charter schools? My email is, thanks


Taileda October 31, 2012

Hello all, im also in the process of looking for a school for my 4 yr old daughter. She has developmental delays in which she is currently receiving therapy for. I have found a school called the Green Tree School that you all might be interested in. Check their website out. I hope this helps a little. I would also love to share my findings. Please feel free to contact me, my email address is Thanks

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