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IB or not?


priyaprathap December 9, 2012

Pls help.Trying to move my son out of a bad school district.He is in 7th grade now and will start 8th grade in a new school.So confused between two school with a great high school.(TE school district,chester county,pa)The other also with two good high schools and 1 stem high school with IB curriculum(Downingtown school district,chester county,PA).Its a new school ,only 2 yrs old.Not sure which school district to go to.Any thoughts ,opinions ,suggestions ,advice about an IB schoolwill be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

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MagnetMom December 25, 2012

Hi priyaprathap,

Many families do like IB curriculum. It's a leg-up on college applications, as they have both a high school diploma and the IB certificate when they graduate.

You can read more about it here:

And you can read more about the schools including their ratings and parent reviews by typing your zip code here:


priyaprathap January 17, 2013

Thank you so much Magnet mom for taking the time to reply.Will check on the links you posted

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