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Public charter
West Grove, PA
Students enrolled: 1,529

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110 East State St
West Grove, PA 19390

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(484) 667-5000
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September 09, 2014
This is a great school that does a lot to educate kids with a small budget. I appreciate having school choice and send my two children to AGCS. They both are having great experiences and love school an learning. AGCS consistently exceeds state and federal standards at a fraction of the cost of the the district schools.

- submitted by a parent
August 14, 2013
I could totally relate to some of the complimentary comments posted here when my child was in Kindergarten and 1st grade. The teacher in Kindergarten was absolutely the best we ever met; so very caring and encouraging. My child loved going to school. This is the type of teacher that schools should seek. It wasn't until 2nd grade (2012-2013) when my child's new teacher turned out to be mean- spirited, unfair and selfish. Her inability to encourage, resolve simple conflicts whether with a student or parent were appalling. Due to her vindictive personality, my child experienced her subtle retaliation when she had an issue with me. It was her lack of fairness, moody and irritable disposition, bitterness and inability to encourage that caused my child to dislike going to school. We couldn t wait for the school year to be over. I don t believe there is another teacher of this caliber in AGCS, and so I decided to give the school a benefit of the doubt and I am allowing my child to attend 3rd grade there. I am hoping we can get another Kindergarten teacher!

- submitted by a parent
March 20, 2013
My 2 sons began AGCS in kindergarten and have thrived in this environment. Education seems very team-based, with an incredibly talented group of teachers leading and managing very personalized experiences for each student. Dr. Brady has demonstrated a MacGyver-esque talent, saving the planet with 2 popsicle sticks and a strip of duct tape: the facilities are old and crude, but the classrooms have smart boards and the academics are advanced. Arts are still embraced, as are environmental sciences. AGCS is essentially a private school education in a brown paper bag, deserving of a much better ranking than the 6. I imagine it's the quality of the building and lack of on-site sports programs that spare those extra stars.

- submitted by a parent
October 18, 2012
I can only speak from my experience, but my child is in his second year at AGCS and loves it. He recently mentioned that someone in his class was going back to their old school and he said "Why would anyone ever want to leave here?" I love the sense of inclusion and acceptance at the school. I love that my emails are responded to, and concerns are addressed very quickly. I paid less for school supplies this year than I have in years, but really, school supplies are just something we have to accept no matter where our kids go to school, at least in my experience. I don't know what the teachers are paid, but I do know that all the teachers I've encountered there are excited to teach. I sense the enthusiasm in the halls, and I take notice of how many kids are actually smiling and engaged. Walking down the hallways of my son's old school I sensed apathy from the staff, and saw a bunch of sad-faced (or blank staring) kids. For us, AGCS has been a blessing.. Worry about our kids has kept us all up at night one time or another. We've all been there. For any of you who didn't like AGCS, I wish you only the best in finding the best place for your kids to be happy and prosper.

- submitted by a parent
October 17, 2012
Not enough room; will be brief. Previous reviewer was so factually incorrect I had to write. The "Gifted" program is still going; my daughter is on it. The school is out-performing the state, I checked. Never heard bad language in school. It is the most friendly, family oriented school & was mentioned in NY Times for its policy of inclusion. School has never promoted itself as sports-strong, one visit to campus would make that obvious. All students are entitled to use sports facilities of sending school district & Av Grove has excellent facilities a stones throw away. The Guidance Dept is excellent; always responds promptly to emails & a room of specialists meet with me regularly with sole intent of helping my son thrive. Lunches have been greatly praised; entree includes as many healthy sides as wanted but if your child wants double helping of burger then yes...pay! School has never asked parents to pay for text books. The buy-to-own instrument program is standard in local schools & run by o/s company. New parts of school DOES have air con; main building is OLD! Long bus rides are fault of sending District who won't honor their financial or safety obligation to AGCS students .

- submitted by a parent
October 16, 2012
. Poor communication with teachers compared to original district, Kids will say "F/U" behind teacher's backs (they didn't do this at their regular school). Kids have to both order 2 lunches. I spent $400 on books and supplies versus 1/4 that at their original school. "Gifted" program is absent (my kids were in it but communication to continue at AGCS resulted in nothing). Emails to guidance counselor never answered. I've had enough, so I moved them back out. Waste of time and money (they used more little notebooks, binders and dividers than my university and they dictate the colors preventing you from reusing them)!. They do more with less money because the parents foot a hefty bill for ridiculous schools upplies, charging you for their agenda (as high as my taxes are, kids should show up in a limo)! I'm disappointed and frustrated for wasting my time at AGCS purported to be "charter" but substandard, incapable of continuing gifted program, no continuity and they wanted $1000 for a band instrument (free at their old school). I do not recommend this school. TO date, guidance counselor has not responded to emails and calls so they're done as of today.

- submitted by a parent
October 16, 2012
Overcrowded school with inadequate playground (a hundred kids, 2 swings, 1 slide)? No wonder they're under budget! 10 trailers for classes and no room for sports anywhere! My son had 2 study halls and a 1hr 40 minute commute (20 minutes if we drove him). My daughter has made 3 friends. Both kids say the swearing and language is a real problem not tolerated at Octorara. Guidance counselors never respond, school nurse sends my son (with a temperature) to the therapist when he had the FLU! I'm underwhelmed! POOR< POOR< POOR communication. Octorara emails answered same day, Avon grove 3 weeks, 4 resent emails and calls and NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE! Make your kids lunch-both our kids are small but were starving. I'm not happy, they will not be returning next year. So many kids they can't teach classes daily like real schools, the trailers are packed and NO AIR CONDITIONING AT ALL!

- submitted by a parent
October 16, 2012
Avon grove is performing lower than the state and far lower than surrounding school districts. Check for yourself and look at the statistics and meeting minutes of AGCS to see what's really going on. It appears the raises the teachers keep getting are not passing student monies on to the students. This is 2012 and they don't even have air conditioning! This isn't 1944 Biloxi, this is PA! Check for yourself! This is an under performing charter school!

- submitted by a parent
June 13, 2012
I love this school and the help they provide to students who don't fit into the mold of everyone else. Even at the high school ages there are teachers and therapists and social workers who help them be successful every day. In a time of budget cuts, this is unheard of, but it makes our school different from the others. I'm happy to have my children experience what real acceptance and understanding feels like.

- submitted by a parent
June 12, 2012
My son has been in this school since first grade and I like how it is family oriented. They have various activities that parents can participate. I also like how the school is not just concentrating on academics but also on application of the theories. My only concern is the yearly shuffling of students. My son loses friends every year when he is moved to a different group of students.

- submitted by a parent
February 16, 2012
As a parent of 2 early elementary students, I would double the star count to 10. The AGCS is child-centered and driven to the core, and the teachers and support staff have been tireless advocates for providing the BEST opportunties for success for both of my kids. I am beyond pleased with their open home-school communication, thematic and multi-sensory educational content, and overall enthusiasm for educating the whole child. God Bless the AGCS!

- submitted by a parent
January 14, 2012
Both my 4th & 5th graders started at AGCS as kindergardeners. I was overly impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of Dr. Brady, their principal and how passionate the teachers have been in wanting these children to succeed. We chose the charter school for their celebration of the arts and their hands on approach to learning. My eldest had difficulty in reading and they actually had him read his first year to a little dog to help him relax and boost his confidence. He is now reading a grade level ahead of his peers. Any peer issue that our children have had were immediately handled in the most appropriate way with interventions that benefited everyone in the long run. The only reason I didn't give this school 5 stars is that I think they are lacking in homework. Initially, they both had long term projects but neither of them have had anything significant in the past year. I also feel that if they're struggling in math or reading they should be given additional work to do at home. Both my children are average students.

- submitted by a parent
December 04, 2011
I work at this school and love it! I have worked in many different schools but have never been at a school that provides unique acceptance of students (no matter what their differences), and also provides wonderfully individualized instruction (I don't know any other charter school that has always met AYP!!). The Head of School is a strong force of change, and his leadership is so refreshing. This school is young (10 years), and funds are always short, but it is fantastic and a model for other schools. I am proud to work here!

- submitted by a teacher
June 17, 2010
my son is doing well in this school. current teacher is great. activities in school are good too.

- submitted by a parent
no rating September 16, 2009
It's a great school to send our children to. They will be running the country when we are retired and I want them to be well educated.

- submitted by a parent
June 05, 2009
We've been at Charter since its inception in 2002, and we've never looked back. My kids' academic abilities are all over the map, but I feel every one of them is getting their needs met. My oldest child started at AGCS in 2nd grade and will now be entering HS in the fall. Money can't buy an education and environment like Charter. We feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful institution.

- submitted by a parent
January 12, 2009
I am a student here and i LOVE IT there is so much offered that most children take advantage of but i love it so much it's the best school i have ever been to and the teachers really care about each and every student for who they are whether they recive bad grades or good grades they care and the way they teach everything hands on is just so much fun!!!

- submitted by a student
no rating December 04, 2008
We opted for this school after a horrible experience in the Oxford School District. It was the smartest decision we made regarding education! We have a child in 3rd grade who is now happy to go to school and receiving great grades! Another child is attending the Early Learning Center for AGCS and is also doing great. It is really nice to be associated with a school so dedicated to the children and families is services. We look forward to a long relationship with this school and hope is continues to surpass our expectations. Thank you Dr. Brady, what you are doing is working...at least for us!!

- submitted by a parent
October 03, 2008
AGCS changed my daughter's life. She is a very smart and creative, but did not fit in within the public school. She was always teased and made to feel like an outsider. From our first tour of the school, the CEO Dr. Brady made us feel welcome. He is one of the most brilliant men I have ever met and he has a great understanding of kids. He has a background in college teaching in english (i think) but the school website says he did his principal's certification at Drexel. Parents at AGCS love this man.

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2008
Our son started AGCS this past year as a first grader, and we could not have been happier with his education. He was always excited to go to school and really liked the 'caught being good program'. Even though he was in a class with 25 kids, his teacher recognized his academic strengths and challenged him accordingly. We are excited about the new learning center that will open up this Fall.

- submitted by a parent
no rating July 06, 2008
Nothing but good things to say about this school. My daughter had a wonderful first year there. It's not just the teachers or principal that make this school great. It's this intangible spirit that runs through everyone associated with the school. I couldn't ask for a better educational atmosphere for my children.7

- submitted by a parent
July 01, 2008
We have only had one year at AGCS but could not have been happier with our child's education. Surpassed our goals ten-fold. We are looking forward to another great year there.

- submitted by a parent
no rating May 28, 2008
I'm a student at AGCS, and I love the school. My teachers are great, and I've learned more here then ever. I am in the CAAP Prgram and love my past experiences. The literature I've been exposed to is challenging and fun. The teachers are great at finding new ways to teach. They are fun but are still strict at the same time. The small size makes it great because you know all the other students so it's hard to feel on the outside. Dr. Brady and the Adminstration are always involved, and are really friendly. The school is a great place that has really helped plan for the future.

- submitted by a student
no rating May 10, 2008
I disagree with the statements made about AGCS and special education. There are an increasing number of parents sending their children to AGCS - many of them for the superior special education programs they offer. I have found the teachers and Sp. Ed. Dept. to be supportive when addressing my child's needs. If there have been non-compliance issues there are certainly steps to take to resolve this - including mediation. If armed with recommendations from a private evaluation (neurologist, developmental pediatrician) it is much easier to obtain needed services. I will say that AGCS strives to provide special education services through inclusion. We have been in the public schools where our child was being pulled out of class every day and I can tell you that inclusion and the way the classes for core subjects are structured at AGCS is a much more effective way of helping special needs children.

- submitted by a parent
May 07, 2008
My child has been attending the AGCS for 3 years. We were thrilled to win a place in the lottery, because of the poor reputation of Oxford public schools. In reading all of the previous reviews, I have to say that I agree in part with all of them. Dr. Brady is a gem and the teachers at AGCS, have been wonderful and energetic. However, in K-year our daughter was diagnosed as Aspergers/ADHD, and we have had nothing but negative experiences with the Special Ed. administration. (NOT teachers!) She receives no services, nearly every deadline and legality is ignored. AGCS has been non-compliant on her IEP a dozen or more times! If you have a typical or gifted child- do send them to AGCS. If your child is not a typical learner, look elsewhere, until AGCS addresses the issues in Special Ed. Honestly, Oxford is just as bad w/ Special Ed.

- submitted by a parent
no rating April 25, 2008
We recently moved to the area and were fortunate to be able to transfer our children into this incredible school. AGCS is a caring, safe environment for children and it offers an academic program, which cultivates thought and learning. In reading the other reviews, I can't help but comment about the review, which speaks of Dr. Brady's credentials and spews negativity. I believe Dr. Brady's doctorate is related to Literature. The touches around the school reflect his love for learning. Although we are new to the school, it is evident that his and the administration's commitment to the families and the learning is unwavering. The teachers, faculty and staff create an incredible environment for the children. The school has acquired another building, which will afford more space. AGCS is a prize for anyone lucky enough to win the admissions lottery. We feel blessed to have found this school.

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 10, 2008
My daughter is receiving a wonderful education here at AGCS. I agree with a previous poster in that AGCS has a good combination of the best parts of public and private schools. I think the administration is constantly trying to make improvements and I feel that they are doing a good job at keeping the idea of Discovery Learning alive. I look forward to my 3 other children attending AGCS in the coming years.

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 14, 2008
Having 2 children that have attended the Charter School, I will tell you that I have become disappointed in how the school is now being run. There idea was a great one, but the original idae, has become lost. I have had to move and switch schools for my kidds and I am so much happier now with their new school and so are my children

- submitted by a parent
November 03, 2007
We have been extremely happy with the education our children are receiving at AGCS. It offers a much more intimate environment than the local public schools and has allowed for - what we feel is - tailored teaching. There are an abundance of extracurricular activities and a wide range of academic programs. Our children are very happy and we feel they are receiving a superior education.

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 15, 2007
AGCS provides the best of private and public into one incredible school. Dedicated staff couple wtih a unique learning environment make this school a wonderful choice (for those lucky enough to win a place in the lottery). High expectations for each student, strict discipline and uniform policy - we couldn't be happier with the education our children are getting at this school

- submitted by a parent
June 18, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
November 27, 2006
The school's strengths are the few teachers there that do care and are good at what they do. Unfortunately, the weaknesses are vast, deep, and ingrained into the system. The problem could be said to start and end with the two principals, Dr. Brady (research what his Ph.D. is in) and Dr. Zimmerman. However, the entire school board is also at fault for continuing to allow Brady to be in power. They take too much at face value, and take no time to review, analyze, and think through actions (ask about the new pay scale for teachers). Finally, if you go to visit the crumbling building or too tight quarters of trailers of a school, you'll see an abundant amount of students wandering around taking advantage of the lack of accountability demanded from them

- submitted by a teacher
August 06, 2006
AGCS is now a K-12 school. Imagine graduating from last year's h.s. class of 13 closely-knit kids, well-connected w/h.s. faculty ranging from the young-and-hip to the wise-and-Ph-D'd. Dr. Kevin Brady, principal of AGCS, is believed to be a twelve-year-old masquerading as a beloved 'administrative CEO'. Clairvoyant--at least when it comes to kids--he continues to oversee AGCS with a 'kids-first' attitude. So pervasive is this philosophy, that bullying, drugs, teenage pregnancy etc. are virtually non-existant, or if they have occured, were immediately attended to. Curriculum, based upon Discovery Learning, has my kids up and working even playing, not chained to worksheet laden desks. AGCS, Brady, Zimmerman, Idelson--too many dedicated faculty members to list--have helped my daughters become superior human beings. I'll be forever indebted. IF you can get in (lottery based), you're more fortunate than you realize.

- submitted by a parent

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(484) 667-5000
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