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potty training and sleep


agooddad November 20, 2008

The director of my son's preschool said that when my son (3 and half) was doing potty training, he shall not have any diaper on during sleep. My son has not had an accident when he is awake for several months now. However, he quite frequently has accidents during night. I have been taking him to bathroom when he is sleeping at least twice a night (such as one at 10:30pm and one at 3:00am). My question is what other people do? Normally, will the kids be able to get up at night? Or will they hold it for the whole night? My son's sleep is usually quite deep - I am not sure how he could do better.

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laura1967 November 20, 2008

This is just my "opinion," (so take it with a grain of salt)at this age they are "busy-busy", and sleep very deeply. If he is doing good during the day....that is all that really matters. I would put some "GOOD-NIGHTS" on him, and just leave him be. Waking him up, and disturbing his sleep is not good for him, PLUS, it sends him the "unspoken" message to him that he is doing something wrong.(and can make matters worse) A lot of kids are just sound sleepers. He is "FINE" and you sound like a "VERY GOOD DAD"--YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO HARD....relax....this to shall pass.....


debrasuefitzge November 20, 2008

i agree with laura on this subject,my 4 year old had the same problem,and i used the overnights on her,and now she goes through the night without wetting the bed and when she gets up she uses the potty.and she doesn't wet the bed anymore.


vacekd1001 January 1, 2009

the pre-schools policy is not developmentally appropriate.
if your chid needs a pull-up during nap time... that is not a problem at his age. talk to the director and see if the school can relax this policy. if not find another school.

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