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I am wanting to enroll my daughter into preschool,but was a little upset to find out she needs to wait intill


cwaters13 January 7, 2009

sept before she can start.Are there any other programs(preferably free) that she can start in,that may benefit her outside of daycare?She has been having some difficulties with saying some of her letters, so I was thinking mabye speech if she qualifies.I would like to know if there was anything else though.

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healthy11 January 8, 2009

IF your child has learning difficulties, such as speech problems, then she should be eligible for early intervention programs...There's a federal initiative called "child find" which is designed to identify children who need help as early as possible, since the sooner remediation is started, the better the outcomes.

I did a "google search" for "Child Find Indiana" and found the following for you:

"If your child is under three years old, call the First Steps program office at 800-441-7837 for more information or to find out where to apply or go to

Indiana's First Steps is a family-centered, coordinated system that provides early intervention services to children ages birth to three years old who are experiencing developmental delays, have a diagnosed condition that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay or are at risk of having substantial developmental delay if early intervention services are not provided.

A general resource for families of children of all ages is About Special Kids (Ask), formerly IPIN. Ask is a not-for-profit organization where parents, professionals and volunteers work together to support children with special needs. Contact them at 800-964-4746 or go to

NICHCY is a national information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues. They focus on children and youth with disabilities (birth to age 22). They have fact sheets on specific disabilities, information on special education and other helpful publications. Their information specialists are available to speak with you about your area of interest or concern. Call them at 800-695-0285, e-mail mailto:nichcy@aed.orgor go to their Web site at "


cwaters13 January 8, 2009

Thank you so much for looking onto that. I will be giving them a call tomorrow. :)

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