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Is there good and bad areas of Killeen to live?


LauraLichy January 11, 2009

Is there good and bad areas of Killeen to live?

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sbozarth23 January 11, 2009

Hi lauraLichy,

Welcome to GreatSchools!

I checked out your profile and I wanted to invite you to join some awesome groups for new members.

Getting to Know You-

Community Feedback Forum-

As for your question, you may not know it but this is a nationwide forum not a specific schools website. The chances of someone from Killeen seeing your question are slim. That's why GreatSchools has created a Local Q & A section. It gives questions like yours, which are very specific, a better place (and chance) to get their answer.

As for "good or bad" places to live in Killeen you'll find places like that everywhere and anywhere you choose to live. I would suggest you contact Killeen's local police station, they usually have information on the crime rates (and what kind of crime) in local cities.


chazjazz January 16, 2009

If you are just moving to the area I would suggest either Copperas Cove or Harker Heights. The areas are a lot safer and the schools are rated better.

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