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Starting Small pre-school


Anonymous January 14, 2009

Do your child/ren like starting small pre-school?

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tjlove January 14, 2009

My daughter has been in a small daycare setting since she was 12 months- she's two now- and she loves it. She has become very social and interacts really well with other kids. In the fall we'll be starting her at a larger preschool a couple days a week and we're really excited about it. We took her to visit and she didn't want to leave.

Depending on the age of your child, a small preschool might be just the right place for him/her.
You should join our Parents of Preschoolers group if you haven't already:

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michellea January 14, 2009

I have two children - one that couldn't wait to start preschool and began at age two. The other was more reluctant and began at 3.5. We were lucky enought to find a preschool that had a moms and me program. This was a 2 hour program that ran 2xweek for kids under 3. It was held in a preschool classroom, had many of the same routines as preschool, but a parent or caregiver stayed with the child.

It was a great way for the caregiver (at the time, my baby sitter) to get to know others, and for the children to be exposed to other kids, and the structure of school.

I agree with TJ - check out for more info.

Good luck

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