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Enrolling a 2nd child in the same school as your 1st?


MandyB215 January 27, 2009

My oldest child attends a magnet school that I absolutely love, My son is now getting ready to start Pre-K. I want to enroll him in the same school, but my question is, how can I when my daughter is under the magnet program? We do not live in the school district for that school, but I want them to go to the same school, not to mention, I want my son to go to this school because I think that it is absolutely wonderful. Is there a way to enroll him in the magnet program for Pre-K so that they may attend the same school? Or will he have to go to a school in my district, thus me having to drop them off at 2 different schools in the mornings?

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healthy11 January 27, 2009

HI. Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and we don't know where you're located. Rules for magnet schools vary by state and district. In some places, there is a lottery only; in other places there are educational tests given, and the children who score highly are given first opportunity to attend; sometimes having a sibling already enrolled gives "bonus points" that are used to determine who is offered a space in the school. Your best bet would be to call the school that your daughter is at, and ask how siblings might be enrolled.

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