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I have a 4 year old boy who answers all questions with "I don't know".


deckdetail February 2, 2009

He can't seem to remember his friemds names or even what he had for lunch that day. Is this normal behavior for a 4 year old?

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dominica28 February 16, 2009

My son went through that when he was around that age he is 6 now and he still does it sometimes. I would just talk to him and tell him he does know and ask him what he feels. Like he would do something bad and i would ask him why he did that and he would respond I don't Know. I would tell him that that wasn't good enough, and we weren't going to do anything else until he gave me an answer.


mamachela February 16, 2009

In my situation,my son has 8 years old,but like the other mother askhow help the son because he says the same aswer for all,I'm saying so my son says the same answer since he started the school and for all until for the more simple thing,like "what do you want to eat?, what color do you like? and all time he answer I don't know.Isn't neccesary so we ask because he did something wrong or we are questioning his behavior and for me I think so this part of himself because he's a boy very patient and I never had big troubles with him,he's ok in the school,had excellent behavior and is very silent he don't like to speak too much.


maggie93215 February 17, 2009

I have a son who just turned 5yrs old and he also says I don't know or I don't remember. This is normal for kids. I would ask him what he ate for lunch and he would say I don't know, then I would tell him I don't know is not an answer he would then say a cookie! So every day for about a month I'd say what did you have for lunch a cookie! So I now look at the school menu and ask what did you have for lunch and name three different things hot dog, hamburger, or tacos. One of the three would actually be on the lunch menu, and then he would say oh I remember and tell me all that he could remember. So I now ask questions and give multiple choice answers.

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