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how does my grandaughter deal with her parents divorce


Anonymous February 6, 2009

My granddaughters parents are going thru a divorce how do I help her cope she is a preschooler

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carvell04 February 6, 2009

It would be very important that she KNOWS the divorce is "Not Her Fault" She needs to know that mom and dad still love her the same. I think it is very easy for adults going through a tough divorce, to talk ugly about the other person. It can have a lasting effect on a young child, to hear their mother or father talk ugly and nasty about the other parent. If for any reason, she shows signs of being upset or depressed, I would get her into counseling. That way she has someone else to share her feelings with and that person can help her deal with any issues that may arise.


healthy11 February 6, 2009

I agree with carvell...With your granddaughter being so young, and us not knowing the details of the divorce, it's very difficult to be able to give you any more advice...Obviously, there may be a custody issue, and if one parent is given more time than the other, it will also impact on the amount of time grandparents can see her. I would hope everyone lets her know they love her the same, and always will.

While it's not common, I have to admit that if her parents can remain "civil" and look at your granddaughter's best interest, then perhaps they can even find a way to continue to get together for the "important times" in your grandaughter's life. My husband's parents divorced and remarried, but still found a way to be in the same room with one another for things like birthday celebrations, holidays, etc. I realize they were the exception rather than the rule, but it is possible.


mamachela February 16, 2009

Don't worry for the girl,only for the parents because they are who do the things more difficult and the children feel more the changes when the parentes fight infront of them,all the issues includes with the divorce.Personally I think,like yo take the changes will be reflex in the child,in my case my parents taken differents ways when a was like 4,5 years but didn't affect me because I was raised by my grandparents,my mom came here to USA,and my dad wasn't in my life never.but I had all the love of my grandparents and never felt the change in my family because my grandparents never spoke bad things of my parents and all the rest of my family was involved in my life.

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