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which elementary school in alpine has special education?


Georginna February 13, 2009

which elementary school in alpine has special education?

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healthy11 February 13, 2009

Hi. I'm not from UT, but I have a child with special ed needs. ALL public school districts are required to provide FAPE (free, appropriate public education) and so every school should accept special ed students. You don't mention what your child's special needs are, but in most cases, the "least restrictive environment" is just the regular classroom, with appropriate supports and accommodations as identified on the child's IEP (Individual Education Plan)

IF your child has severe handicaps, then a school district might offer a self-contained classroom at only one facility in the district, not at every school, but it depends on the nature of the student's needs. (For example, in my district, there's one school that's retrofitted with lots of special equipment, kitchens with wheelchair ramps, etc. so students with physical handicaps, who need instruction in "lifeskills," are generally all grouped in that building. There aren't enough kids in my district for each separate school to have special facilities and teachers like that.) You should call your local school district directly to speak to them about your child's needs.

For general special ed questions, you might like to join the Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at


trooper February 14, 2009

Call the local board of ed. or the state department of education/ they will direct you/

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