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Moving to the area and looking for Guidance


ginafig February 14, 2009

we will be moving from Denver CO. in a few months and I am very interested in pre schools, activities and centers to get my 18 month old involved in. I love al the parent tot classes we have been doing but really want her to thrive in an environment with other children her own age. Ant suggestions?

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trooper February 14, 2009

This is a national website - so depending on who responds - you might get information about your location. I would think if you contacted the Board of Education for Denver and ask for recommended pre-school programs, that they might give you some guidance. Also, never under estimate the power of a public library, or YMCA. Usually a state has information regrading all pre-school providers who meet their standards. Always visit any site, several times, that you are considering!!!
Often real estate agents have great resources to investigate school districts.
Best of luck in your home!
Keep in touch!


marcile777 March 1, 2009

where are you moving to?

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