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what are the best preschools in skokie and why?


Anonymous March 8, 2009

Looking for an affordable preschool in skokie.

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healthy11 March 9, 2009

Hi. Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and I think there's more than one city named Skokie in the U.S. If you mean Skokie, IL, then there's a chance a Greatschools member named drjohnson may be able to give you some information, but her children are a bit older now, and the reputations of preschools, like any schools, can change quickly, depending on whether they get a new administrator, etc.
Have you tried using the "Preschool" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page, to see what's in your area? Once you know what's available, you can phone to see if they have openings and what the cost are, and once your list has been narrowed, plan a visit.

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