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Preschools in Boca Raton area??


mylittlepeople March 9, 2009

My husband has accepted a job in Boca and we are relocating from South Carolina. My twins are registered here for preschool this fall and I am concerned we have missed registration in Florida. Where do I start to find available preschools AND one that would be best for my boy/girl 4 year twins? This will be their first experience with preschool and I want to keep them together this year and separate them for Kindergardern.

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healthy11 March 9, 2009

Have you tried using the "Preschool" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page, to see what's in the Boca area? Once you know what's available, you can phone to see if they have openings and what the cost are, and after your list has been narrowed, plan a visit.
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