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What are you doing at home to prep your child for Pre-school?


cattiva June 4, 2008

My 3 year old daughter will go to preschool sometime in the next 6 month, i think. i'd like to get her ready. she's been going to daycare in a home since she was 3 mos old, so she is already used to spending the day away from me. but i want her prepared as far as her abc's and 123's... and holding a pencil correctly etc.

but i don't really know the standard for what is a good level for a child to be when entering pre-school . or if there is even a standard. i don't want her to be upset that everyone can do something that she cannot, or be unfamiliar with some of the very, very basics.

but am not sure how or where to being.

any thoughts on what you are doing. what you may have found out through experience or research, or if you teach preschool --what you may offer as advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Kali78 June 4, 2008

I go over ABC's and numbers with my son. He also knows his full name and everyone elses first and last name. (you wouldn't belive how many 5/6 year olds don't know their parents names or their last name) He also traces shapes, names lots of shapes, and can write his first name. He knows his left from his right and things like "One foot, two feet." There are lots of fun ways to teach these things too. Sining is a good way. Just make up a silly song and they will follow along and learn at the same time.


gracesmommie June 5, 2008

i have been giving my 4 year old. a pencil & paper, & showing her how to write the alphabet & numbers. she's really excited about it. whenever i;m at home with my kids, we play i spy & that's how i'm teach her her colors. then when we cool off our food we count while the food is in the freezer getting cool.


denna70 June 7, 2008

I am on here trying to get ideas he is only 2 but I am involved in a program called "parents as teachers "((pats))...He is the baby after 10 years we have a 20 14 & 12 year old so I quit my job so I can be with him but I am having such a hard time with him Due to all the kids and daddy had him taking care of him while i was at work the first year of his life a lil longer so he still hates to be a way from me. Any info would be great thanks


lilend June 7, 2008

First of all, breathe. This is preschool you're talking about. They don't expect ANYTHING other than the children can talk, walk, sit and are hopefully potty trained. My son was in a preschool on a college campus. Most of the moms there were teachers or child psychologists/psychiatrists. To develop a sense of the world, preschoolers need to play, they need to interact, they need to explore and create, and they need to be read to.

If you really want to teach your daughter, you can sing her songs, and read her books, including some about 123s and ABCs, and there are cute puzzles around too. As for holding a pencil, let her draw and paint, and develop fine motor skills by beading, and building with blocks and bricks.

Good luck, and relax so your little girl can get excited instead of worried.


cattiva June 9, 2008

to lilend:
i am not freaking out. i breath great, thanks -though- for the concern. i was asking what people do at home with their kids to prepare them for a pre-school enviroment. perhaps i didn't really articulate what wanted well enough. sorry! i was thinking about what games you can play at home to help them learn ABCs and 123s. (Like the suggestions of i spy and counting games) I was also looking for ideas on how to prepare them for being in a room full of kids following a prescribed schedule.

My daughter is in a home based daycare, and it's pretty freeflow. lunch and naptime are the only scheduled activities. they play and such all day.

Thanks! :)


lilend June 9, 2008

Sorry if it didn't come out right.

What I was trying to say is that preschool is there to get our kids ready for Kindergarten and regular school in general, not to "teach" them 123s and ABCs, even if they do so at the same time (call it the cherry on the cake). So, they definitely don't need to have mastered those skills yet, and she might actually be bored if she's too advanced. My son could recognize and name 10 shapes before entering preschool. He's going into 3rd grade and he's even now barely using 5 at school. He's actually forgotten the others, which obviously doesn't matter since it'll quickly come back when he does use them!

Like you said, "how to prepare them for being in a room full of kids following a prescribed schedule", well, that's what preschool is for, since in a home environment, there are things we simply can't teach them.


mbright June 12, 2008

Most good pre-school programs are ready to meet the cilld where they are and help them build on what they have learned so far. I would encourage you to make every day, even riding in the car, a learing opportunity. School is one place for a particular type of learning but a love of life-long learning is a wonderful gift to give your child.

Encourage our child to tell you about what they are doing, ask what happened next and stay with their story even when it gets silly. That's when it is fun.


PTV2004 June 16, 2008

take a look at some Kumon activity books and materials? they have helped my son with holding up pencils and tracing.


mbright June 16, 2008

The eye hand coordination from tracing is important. But the most important thing is to keep the learning fun. Drilling at age 3 is not going to make it fun. but using big paper and having a parent outline the child and then the child draw their own face and inside parts that they know - that is fun. We taped it up on the bathroom door for one he uses the most. He loves telling me what all the parts are he drew.


sigarnes June 23, 2008

I schedule at least 30 minutes, 3 days a week, to work with my preschooler. My child learned the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-10, basic shapes and colors at age 2. My child is now 4 years old (turned 4 in Feb of this year) and he knows how to write his first name (first letter capital, remaining lower case) and he is learning to write his last name. He counts to number 40, recognizes a pentagon, hexagon, and octagon, and we are working on letter sounds. He does have the ability to tell me words that began with letters A-D, U, T, Y, and Z. We play games, such as the memory game and games on the computer to recognize letter sounds and numbers 11-20. Making learning fun is the key. I taught him all he knows using games, pictures, and he watches Noggin.

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