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What are you doing at home to prep your child for Pre-school?


cattiva June 4, 2008

My 3 year old daughter will go to preschool sometime in the next 6 month, i think. i'd like to get her ready. she's been going to daycare in a home since she was 3 mos old, so she is already used to spending the day away from me. but i want her prepared as far as her abc's and 123's... and holding a pencil correctly etc.

but i don't really know the standard for what is a good level for a child to be when entering pre-school . or if there is even a standard. i don't want her to be upset that everyone can do something that she cannot, or be unfamiliar with some of the very, very basics.

but am not sure how or where to being.

any thoughts on what you are doing. what you may have found out through experience or research, or if you teach preschool --what you may offer as advice would be greatly appreciated!


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kchughes January 21, 2009

My son just started preschool at 2.9 and before that was in a daycare. I think familiarity of colors, letters, numbers is age appropriate and that's what his daycare did with him. Mostly I think up until Kindergarten you want to focus on the social emotional development. If your child isn't ready to learn socially/emotionally then they're going to be behind. My goal is to raise a critical thinker so I'm trying to keep up with his curiosity. Provide lots of experiences at home to play with water, sand, cook, and problem solve. Also - talk, talk, talk! Actually we started this when he was an infant but talking to him and asking him questions really helped his vocabulary development. To prepare for the presschool transition specifically we worked on the emotional issue mostly - we picked out a lunchbox, we did several drive-bys, a walk-by to peek in the windows, a visit and talked about the new school "big boy" school a lot. I went for 2 hours with him the first 2 days - standard practice for the preschool. He cried when I left him on the 3rd day but didn't want to leave when I went to get him at the end of the day. It worked out except for the commute. We now take the bus to preschool instead of the train and he HATES it. I forgot to prepare him for it. It's crowded and he screams -it's a nightmare but getting better. We took a few weekend bus rides when it wasn't so crowded and he didn't mind those.


rindirachel January 23, 2009

My child's preschool teacher in Hanford said that the basics for what a child should know before they get to kindergarten are to know their numbers to at least 10, know all the colors including the 'shades' of colors, know at least 5 shapes, know the alphabet by seeing it and recognizing each letter, and knowing most of the sounds of each letter is also helpful before they start kindergarten. Our preschool said they are more than happy to answer parents questions regarding what their child should know or general questions they may have about their preschooler, even if they don't attend. The teachers there are so sweet and wouldn't mind you calling them. You could either as for Bell or just any teacher there. Their phone number is 559-589-1277


jessie2274 February 3, 2009

My daughter attended nursery school at age 2 in Hartsdale, NY. At that age she learned the Pledge of Allegiance and still remembers it to this day - she's 3 1/2 now. I built on her learning activities by purchasing Kumon books and other activity books found at Barnes & Noble which are catered by age. I was able to implement these activity books into her daily routine and we have practiced tracing, cutting, connect the dots, etc progressively until she was ready to move on to the next level. I think Kumon books are excellent and really help a parent pinpoint what a child should be doing at a certain age.


pepelephew February 13, 2009


Your post touched me. I sincerely understand what you are feeling. So these are simple words of advice hoping it will help you. The hardest part for you is your own feelings of missing out during the first year, knowing this is your "baby" and maybe a tiny voice asking ...what's wrong with have raised your older children..I don't want my little child feel my nervousness. Okay, now ...get over it:-) it is so much harder than said. When I find myself in a similar position, I decide to be an actress so to speak. Where I will think how I want to act and be around my child. It helps me not think about what is wrong with me.
Your little boy is only two and you are the coolest person to him. He is at the best age ready to learn, follow you around and looks at life with childlike eyes...that we forget. So in the morning go at your own pace, make a little breakfast, sing or put on some music, go for little walks, the library and just hang out in your home. Organize your home with his toys and books around your house. My son put a large box behind the sofa and in the fireplace,they don't use, is padded with toys and books in a basket. So he has fun finding what is his in your environment and soon will understand...what is mommy's is mommy's and vice versa.
I don't like videos. I would draw pictures and let him help. Put letters and numbers in the pictures. Soon he will be talking more and more. One way I taught my sons to read was like this; I got pencil or crayon with paper. I had him tell me a story in their own words. I wrote down exactly the way my sons told me their stories. Then we would make pictures for their book. Put it together, then read their story exactly as they expressed themselves and included their pictures.
The days were full of life and little stress. My sons were so proud of their books. Also some educators expressed this is an excellent way for children to understand the concept of reading. Also during the day, he can help you with laundry, dinners and having nice personal lunches at the home or at the park.
I have no idea if this is what you were looking brought back memories when I was a young Mother without a car, TV and only a stereo that worked once in awhile. Take care, pepelephew


mamachela February 17, 2009

Hi ,my daughters started the preK the last years,now they are in the middle of the year,in two months prepared them to start the school,don't fear for she because i understand you,all the moms feel the same thing when the kids start the school,we think so they aren't doing like we want.You only need start to prepare she ,talk with she ,say what she is going to do at the school,give to she pencils,crayons start to show the colors,give she paper and sccisor because she is going to need too,and help to writte his name and count from 1 to 10,but don't press the girl this is only the start she don't need know all this when start the school only need be familiarize with this topics and will be very helpfull because will be more easy for she and you.and now you're on time to start help she,do step by step,first learn how to holding a pen,after how to do colors,etc.With my daughters this was very helpfull
because they started to know all this in the house.


rkcheney44 February 18, 2009

I bought a CD with ABC's on it, a puzzle with the alphabet as individual pieces, and the multiple puzzles where you can spell out short words such as cat and dog. It was easy to teach my 3-yr old daughter through play. She learned her ABCs through song but she was able to recognize the letters by me pointing the letters out on the puzzle as we sang them. The puzzles also let them get a feel for what the shape of the letters are through touch. For writing the letters, V-tech has this inexpensive toy that shows them how to draw and write out the letters.


FLMommy March 5, 2009

I have only reviewed about half of the posts on this board, so forgive if I'm repeating what others have said.

One key thing to do to prepare your child is to work on the basics, like sitting still (criss-cross, applesauce usually) for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. I bought a little pillow and we sat and watched a video together (I like the Letter Factory) or looked at flash cards, or traced letters with a pencil or even with her fingertip. It's hard for them to get used to sitting still and staying focused when the room is bright, cheery and full of fun things to play with.

I also like to use as many passive learning tools as I can. I work full-time outside the home, so I need as much help maximizing our time as possible. I use placemats with letters, or numbers, or shapes on them. I rotate the placemats every so often so they don't stop looking at them. I'm always surprised at how well this works. Even my older girl learns the shapes and locations of the states partially because of a map placemat that we have.

Good luck!


MommyF5 March 7, 2009

My daughter is turning 3 in May and I honestly had no intentions in ever sending her to preschool,but she is telling me she wants to go to school like her bigger cousins. This is killing me. I have only been away from her once since she has been born,and that was only because I almost lost my own life being pregnant w/my 2nd child {which I lost} when she was 10 months old. I was hospitalized for a week and could not be w/her. So im scared to away from her. Can someone please give me some advice on how to decide what to do? I want to do what is best for her but secure for me.


ProfMom March 7, 2009

Dear Mommy F5,
There is no need to send your daughter to school at all until she's ready for kindergarten if you are at home with her. All every child wants or needs is to be with her mom. Read to her, play make believe games-pretend you are a spoiled child in a restaurant and she is the Mommy and watch her take care of you, teach her manners and how to show the spoiled child the correct way to behave in a restaurant--make her laugh. Make her smart. Show her how to take a hike, ride a bike, roll down a hill. Get her a pet fish. Read about different fish. Go window shopping. Teach her how to make your favorite cookies and eat them while they're still hot. Take her to the library and get her her own Library card. Tell her to pick three books, read them to her and then get three more--some libraries have special Mommy and child reading times where you can tell her we're going to school.
There are other programs that you can send her to at three for 1 hour once a week so she's got a little lunch box and thinks she's in school.
The best program is the one where you're with her everyday. Take her to the zoo, to the botanical gardens, to the city to see the sights. Plan your trips and get her excited about them by reading about them in books for the library so she's really excited and looking forward to the special trip. Bring one of the cousins along on one of these special trips. She will get far more education from this type of activity than from being cooped up in a room with other children where little else besides babysitting and time-killing activities take place. That is what all these programs are.
It is a known fact by antone who is in contact with little children that those children who are in day care their entire developmental years are clingy and insecure because no one had time for them. As a result, their mothers are racked with guilt and to compensate, they buy, buy, buy. Time is the more valuable gift to give your child.
These days you have with her are priceless. Cherish every moment. Create a magical childhood for her that you could only dream was true. Then you will send a secure, happy well-rounded little person to kindergarten who is not afraid because she is secure in herself and your love.
I know. I've done it three times. And those years were the best years of my life--I created a phenomenol childhood for my kids and today, they are smart, rational, secure, relaxed in every situation and they are a pleasure to be around for everyone that comes in contact with them. They are now 15, 13 and 11.
Don't follow the crowd. Your child will say many things, she doesn't really know what she wants yet. Follow your heart and have fun.

Professor Mom


mylittlepeople March 9, 2009

I'd like to meet Profmom. She spoke my heart and what I know to be true but the pressure from other parents had me doubting myself. Who doesn't want the best for their children.

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