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What are you doing at home to prep your child for Pre-school?


cattiva June 4, 2008

My 3 year old daughter will go to preschool sometime in the next 6 month, i think. i'd like to get her ready. she's been going to daycare in a home since she was 3 mos old, so she is already used to spending the day away from me. but i want her prepared as far as her abc's and 123's... and holding a pencil correctly etc.

but i don't really know the standard for what is a good level for a child to be when entering pre-school . or if there is even a standard. i don't want her to be upset that everyone can do something that she cannot, or be unfamiliar with some of the very, very basics.

but am not sure how or where to being.

any thoughts on what you are doing. what you may have found out through experience or research, or if you teach preschool --what you may offer as advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Fabrienne March 10, 2009

Check the website of
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lorieroe March 15, 2009

I agree with so much of what Profmom says but...I'll be sending my little guy to preschool this fall. Just 2 mornings a week for 2 hours at a time. I stay home with him all the rest of the time and we do everything together- we play at the park, we visit zoos and museums, we take music and swim classes, we hang out, we have playdates at our house, and on and on. He's a happy and social little boy and I never considered daycare an option for me (or him). I do choose to send him to preschool because I feel he's ready for some adventures all his own in a "safe" environment (especially since the preschool is directly across from my house ;) I can't think of everything- I learn from other people like he learns from me. So- I will broaden his horizons by placing him in a new and exciting environment with new friends to play with 2x a week. This is not a way for me to "slack" or escape from him- I will miss him bunches! I guess I agree that every parent knows what is best for their own unique individual child. Go with your instincts- if you feel your child is ready for school at 3, 4, 5, 6- go with it. Hey- we have more important things to agonize over- such as where will they go for college!


rs_smpsn March 22, 2009

hi! i take my kid to kid friendly websites such as pbs kids,mickeymouse clubhouse, and nick jr. most computers have a place u can go to to pull up games and type in the keywor "learning or education and they will let u try it for free. sometimes you have to download these games on your computer. if u dont own a computer its always the old fashion way such as watching pbs kids or any other kid friendly channel. the dollar stores also have flashcards, books, activite and coloring, etc.


Nanateacher April 7, 2009

My advice would be to visit the preschool a few times to let your child become acquainted with the teachers and the environment before your child attends. Be brave. Preschool teachers welcome parents. As far as getting your child ready, it sounds like you are doing that. She shouldn't have any separation issues since you have already been taking her to a daycare. ( Does she separate ok there). One of the things that I have learned as a preschool teacher is parents do not let their children get messy enough. Let her finger paint, play with playdoh, cut and paste, (watch closely with the scissors but let her cut), play in sand and water, measure things, put puzzles together, grow a plant together, stack blocks, count everything, bang pots and pans, and so much more but be patient and have fun. One of the most important things you can do for your child is read to them every night, and take them to your local library. They love this. Well, enough. Sorry, I love my job a little too much.......


christyi April 26, 2009

The biggest difference in kids that have never been in any organized setting I see is social. Cutting, letters, etc. is all secondary to being able to communicate thoughts well, share ideas with teachers and peers exhibit compassion and cooperate. Spend time assesing your kids stregths in those areas....the rest will come. Good luck!


PDANAK May 27, 2009

I agree regarding reading. I read to my 3 year old every night. When she gets sleepy she will say "mom, lets read a book" She loves books. She will even go to her room and get a book and flip threw it on her own. I am guilty of not letting her get messy enough but we are working on that. Thanks for the infomation.


PDANAK May 27, 2009

I like the placemats. Thats a great idea.


Pamela54 June 4, 2009

I know that the Stanton Community Service Center in Stanton is offering a FREE preschool program called Readiness On The Road for the parent and child. It is offered on Friday mornings for ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old at 8:30am to must sign up and space is limited...but if you are interested call 714.623.3009


yvonnenye June 18, 2009

I've been looking online lately for my child who's going to be turing three early next month. I've been looking around what kind of activities that she can do to help her get ready for school. I usually have her and her little 18 mos old brother watch Sesame St by helping her count, her alphabet, opposites. And even reading books to her about sharing helping her to write, which is somewhat of a challenge cause she wants to learn how to write her name. I try to teach her as much as I can and that I remind her that she will meet a nice teacher and that she'll meet new friends to play with everyday. I even tell her that she'll do lots of coloring activities that I know she'll have a blast doing. Because she does it at home with me and boy does she get a little messy. What I do love most about her be artistic is that she tells me what she's drawing or trying to write. She is very expressive and I think that doing some of these just might get her or any child ready for preschool. I just can't wait for her to meet new friends.


Mz_KrystleW July 6, 2009

What I do to prepare my 4 year old son is I do the flash cards with him and I lay them all out, sometimes I mix them up and I ask him to show me what letter or what number it is. He is very smart and itelligent he suprises me all the time.

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