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What are you doing at home to prep your child for Pre-school?


cattiva June 4, 2008

My 3 year old daughter will go to preschool sometime in the next 6 month, i think. i'd like to get her ready. she's been going to daycare in a home since she was 3 mos old, so she is already used to spending the day away from me. but i want her prepared as far as her abc's and 123's... and holding a pencil correctly etc.

but i don't really know the standard for what is a good level for a child to be when entering pre-school . or if there is even a standard. i don't want her to be upset that everyone can do something that she cannot, or be unfamiliar with some of the very, very basics.

but am not sure how or where to being.

any thoughts on what you are doing. what you may have found out through experience or research, or if you teach preschool --what you may offer as advice would be greatly appreciated!


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blpz86 November 5, 2009

You shouldn't be worried at the level you are going to teach your girl to prep her for kindergarden because when my little Alexander went to Kindergarden, I made sure he knew his ABC's he knew how to count to 20 (skipping 16 for some reason :) and colors, Colors are important. That's not stuffing her little brain with too much info because you have to make it fun for them. By using stuffed animals you can teach her colors, By using a Fun book you can teach her the ABC's and just practicing with her and making games so she can count to at least 20 is great. Believe you me, when she goes into Kindergarden and the teacher tell you that she's very smart, Boy, that's priceless!


grvirgin October 14, 2009

I've been taking my daughter to storytime at the library and I also take her to a Kindermusik class once a week; this helps her social development because that's very important prior to entering preschool. I also read books with her, do crafts, do prewriting skills, teach ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes. We've also been working on self-help skills and manners.


dallas37 September 14, 2009

well i have a two year old. and i have been getting him started on. Reading daily, and coloring. And playing with playdough. And he plays with his toys. want else is good for a two year old. i need more suff to get him ready. Dallas


SherryPost July 29, 2009

I use Smarty Crafts and it's awesome. It allows me to play with my 3 yr old daughter using crafts with kindergarten based lessons developed by a teacher. It's important for me that my daughter doesn't feel like I'm trying to teach her so this craft kit allows me to interact in a way that is fun & creative and she learns in the process. We both have fun and sometimes I learn something new too. Check it out. Their website is Each month we get a new kit with new theme and new lessons like color, shape, letter, number and vocab. And, the company was started by two moms so they understand what works.


nickmaddiesmom July 13, 2009

If you liked "Letter Factory", you will also love "Meet the Sight Words"DVD from It beats flash cards any day!


Mz_KrystleW July 6, 2009

What I do to prepare my 4 year old son is I do the flash cards with him and I lay them all out, sometimes I mix them up and I ask him to show me what letter or what number it is. He is very smart and itelligent he suprises me all the time.


yvonnenye June 18, 2009

I've been looking online lately for my child who's going to be turing three early next month. I've been looking around what kind of activities that she can do to help her get ready for school. I usually have her and her little 18 mos old brother watch Sesame St by helping her count, her alphabet, opposites. And even reading books to her about sharing helping her to write, which is somewhat of a challenge cause she wants to learn how to write her name. I try to teach her as much as I can and that I remind her that she will meet a nice teacher and that she'll meet new friends to play with everyday. I even tell her that she'll do lots of coloring activities that I know she'll have a blast doing. Because she does it at home with me and boy does she get a little messy. What I do love most about her be artistic is that she tells me what she's drawing or trying to write. She is very expressive and I think that doing some of these just might get her or any child ready for preschool. I just can't wait for her to meet new friends.


Pamela54 June 4, 2009

I know that the Stanton Community Service Center in Stanton is offering a FREE preschool program called Readiness On The Road for the parent and child. It is offered on Friday mornings for ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old at 8:30am to must sign up and space is limited...but if you are interested call 714.623.3009


PDANAK May 27, 2009

I like the placemats. Thats a great idea.


PDANAK May 27, 2009

I agree regarding reading. I read to my 3 year old every night. When she gets sleepy she will say "mom, lets read a book" She loves books. She will even go to her room and get a book and flip threw it on her own. I am guilty of not letting her get messy enough but we are working on that. Thanks for the infomation.

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