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How do you make reading fun?


LeapFrogFan August 13, 2008

American children are reading less, and reading less well. National studies show that the number of students who read for pleasure is on the decline. Yet an annual survey by LeapFrog revealed that 60% of parents wish their children would read more. That information influenced the development of the Tag Reading System, which is designed to instill a love of reading in children ages 4-8.

What does your family do to make reading fun?

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cincobaby December 10, 2008

We read a ton at our house. I think the key to making reading fun is to have a plenty of books to choose from and have the books a focus of the main living space. My daughter will pick up a book and read it before she picks up a toy. We love to read in different voices to help the books come alive. Also, we make up our own stories using the characters we have read about that day of week. Making up new adventures for Dora is the most requested story lately.
Happy reading!!!!


KarasMom December 15, 2008

My daughter has always had a passion for reading. I started her out with the leap pad system and she loves to read to me. She also enjoys reading to her younger cousins and they listen to her because she makes the story interesting and she reads with excitement. I think kids learn from kids and enjoy it.


mariacge June 27, 2009

I use educational online reading games from and other educatonal websites


pandalmf July 25, 2009

I bought my son the Tag reader and he loves it. At bedtime, I read one story and then he reads (via TAG) the other story. Then I always pretend I fell asleep on his bed and he needs to tuck me in. He laughs and tells me to go to my bed. And my oldest daughter is old enough to read on her own but I still read a story to her. And she needs to read a little to me or both kids can make up their own story.


emauni September 13, 2009

My son is only five, and he really enjoys picking a book from his collection, and having me read it to him at night even if we have read a million times over. Sometimes I even let him read the story to me and I pretend to be the kid, he gets a kick out of it.

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