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How do you make reading fun?


LeapFrogFan August 13, 2008

American children are reading less, and reading less well. National studies show that the number of students who read for pleasure is on the decline. Yet an annual survey by LeapFrog revealed that 60% of parents wish their children would read more. That information influenced the development of the Tag Reading System, which is designed to instill a love of reading in children ages 4-8.

What does your family do to make reading fun?

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lourdesq September 4, 2008

I take turns reading every other page with him. The trick is we both must follow the text while the other is reading because the "reading-in-silence one" must be able to read out loud the next word at any stopping point the "reading-out-loud one" chooses.
My son loves it. I will every now and then read the wrong word and he bursts out laughing.
Sometimes we read some parts by taking turns reading every other word and its sound funny.
In this way we make it a game.
I also reward him with a star if he's able to answer a question at the end of a page. (reading comprehension)
I will alternate this to make sure he's also paying attention to the story line.


janetmoore September 4, 2008

We read stories and record them on a Yada Yada Yada. We replay them either sped up or slowed down. It is really fun to hear the stories on the various speeds. There is always lots of laughing.


prekparent September 4, 2008

We make reading part of our "going to bed" routine everynight. I left my daughter pick the book and as I read it to her I really try to get into the character of the story, weather they are sad or mad or excited. She really likes it. Then if she has a question about why the character is acting a particular why I try to give an example from her life so she can relate to it.


rushme September 4, 2008

by reading to each other and talking/discussing about what we read .


NewMominTown September 5, 2008

I want to thank everyone for their input on how to make reading fun. This gives me various ways for my little one to continue to love books.


faithisjrj September 5, 2008

I ask my child if he predict what the ending of the book will be. Sometimes I pretend to be a character in the book.


orchid42 September 5, 2008

Besides have 2 children i also have a home daycare with toddlers they love circle most of the times i pick books that have characters that they are used to seeing or have them pick one it keep them focus and interested i even have the older kids do that also unless its a bok they have to read for school then its not a choice


sophiesnana September 5, 2008

We sometimes stop to discuss what's going on in the book, and how the characters feel about it. Other times, my granddaughter "reads" the book to me.


claudia4321 September 6, 2008

My 6 year old son likes the different tones of voice I use for each character in the book.


chgotwinmom September 6, 2008

Now that our twins are in kindergarten full-time, I suggest that they read a book before dinner. Our latest after dinner treat is to read a book geared toward playful rhymes/jokes which they crack up each time - we all take turns reading/telling a joke. Before they go to bed, my husband has them take turns picking out a book and reads them the story or they take turns reading a page. Reading is their favorite activity before night time.

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