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Jamieson January 6, 2009

Looking for a great preschool for my almost 3 year old, if anyone has suggestions that would be terrific!

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lockmama January 8, 2009

It is difficult to find a preschool for your child. I would begin by asking friends/coworkers what they like about their preschool and what they would like to see changed. When my daughter was in daycare, we liked the set up where one huge room was divided to accomodate all the kids under 12 months. We felt the visibility of all the teachers action kept our daughter safe. When we transitioned her to a preschool, we found we liked the separate classrooms with windows looking in from the hall that joined all of the rooms. This allows us to watch what our daughter is doing and how she interacts with the other kids- without her realizing we are there.

Other than the physical structure, you will need to determine which style will best suit your child. Does your child need academic stimulation or plenty of play time to build social skills. Is the Montessori system something that would suit your child?

Let us know which city you live in and you might get some recommendations on good schools to consider.


vacekd1001 January 8, 2009

Heres a link of what to look for in a quality pre-school.


jacobr February 5, 2009

i don't know what area you are looking in but there is a great montessori school in arcadia that is only accepting ten children that just opened called "Lilly of the Valley" I pulled my son out of a wonderful private school that the classrooms were just too large and he is only three and reading three letter words. The one on one approach i find very effective. 602.373.2677


jonkor1 February 9, 2009

I'm recently returning to Northern VA (Fairfax County) after having lived in the far East for the past 16 years. I'm returning with a family of three, which includes my darling little princess who will be 3 years old in April. Shes's been exposed to English for over a year and actually sings songs, does her ABC's, and even counts in English. But, has a hard time understanding words.

In her current school in Beijing, she was accepted into a class a year older than her because of her ability to speak Mandarin much more proficiently and her maturity. She's considered very gifted here. But I am very worried finding a caring pre-school in the Fairfax area that she can easily acclimate herself and still have and shine.

I've been going through the internet trying to find a match, but it seems as though there are a lot of good programs. Anybody have any insight or advise on a newly returning father? Thanks in advance.


jonkor1 February 9, 2009

So, if you would have any information pertaining to caring and academically sound pre-schools in the Fairfax County area, it would be greatly appreciated. And any information pertaining to pre-schools that feed into the best kindergartens in the area as well.

Much appreciated.


tjlove March 4, 2009

Jonkor1- GreatSchools is a national forum so it can be hard to get recommendations on the local level here. You can use GreatSchools to research preschools in your area. If you click on the "Preschools" tab in the green toolbar, you'll be taken to a page full of resources for parents of preschoolers. Be sure to check out the expert articles designed to guide you through preschool choice!


mamma247 March 5, 2009

Try calling Kiddie Academy in Bridgewater. It's a big school and it's located across from the Bridgewater Manor. I hear it's a great place.

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