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How do I know which school my girls will go to?


ausimum January 14, 2009

I am from Australia and the school system is very different here so my questions are these..

1/ How do I figure out which school I need to get them into? Is there a website or something?

2/ When do I need to register my eldest by and I am also guessing there is a cost and she would need to have her last round of vaccinations?

So any help to send me in the right direction would be wonderful...thanks!

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momof3lpj January 15, 2009

Depending on which state you are moving to schools systems may be on a county level or on a city/town level. Once you know what state/town (and area of town or city) you are moving to, you should visit their website and find out who to contact to answer your questions. We live in NJ and our kindergarten registration is going on this week, so you should inquire as quickly as you know where (address of home) you will be living. There are 6 elementary schools in our town, so it depends where you live (your physical address) for them to tell you which school your children will go to.
Hope this helps!


lockmama January 15, 2009

Talk to your neighbors or real estate agent to see which schools your children will attend. Then call or stop by the school(s) for registration information.


vacekd1001 January 15, 2009

GS does have a research and compare section for schools.
If you do not already have a state or town picked out. You could use this feature to find the best schools then chose to move in that school`s district.

Just call the school district of your chose before you buy or rent a home. make sure your exact address is in the school district you would like your children to attend.


ausimum January 15, 2009

we already have a home here in Spanaway..which is close to quite a few different schools..So I should call the actual district and tell them where we live and then they'll let me know which school the girls will be attending? Also if for some reason you don't happen to like that school...can you change? Thanks for all of your replies!


momof3lpj January 18, 2009

You are correct, usually the district will know which school you will be districted to by your address. You should ask questions about ability or requirements needed to switch schools if you are not satisfied with the school you are districted to. I would ask as many questions as possible and also check the rating of all the schools in that district on this website.

Good luck to you and your family and Welcome to the U.S.!

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