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Rainy Day Activities/Projects for 2-3 year olds?


tjlove February 10, 2009

Over the weekend we were cooped up in the house thanks to some wet weather. My daughter will watch Dora the Explorer all day long if we let her (thanks to Dad) but I found myself running out of fun ideas!

How do you keep your preschooler occupied on days when it's too wet or cold to play outside?

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vacekd1001 February 10, 2009

My son likes to take what he calls "big baths" I let him us our bath tub with the jets. I put bath bubles in the tub and turn on the jets. The bubbles get really big.
He plays with his bath toys and his bubbles for up to 30mins. He would stay longer if I let him. He squirts me with water from his bath toys. I get him back. By the end of it,i am as wet as he is and my clothes are soaked.
But we had a good time.
Make sure you put some towels on the bathroom floor first. So no one falls.


MagnetMom February 10, 2009

I'm a big believer in Play Doh. For a buck or two, they can be kept busy for ages at a kitchen table. The only thing I'd advise that I *never* did as a kid, is let them mix colors. Seriously, for a buck, let them mix colors.


tjlove February 11, 2009

MagnetMom: LOL! We have play doh and I seriously tried to stop her from mixing colors the first couple times she played with it. But I got over it fast. We have several containers of brownish-orange playdoh now.


MagnetMom February 11, 2009

If she keeps mixing, brown and grey are the end results. :)

And for another buck, she can have another pristine set of colors.

Heck, what a great exercise in colors--blue and red make purple.....


lockmama February 11, 2009

If you are part of a play group that you could share supplies with, I highly suggest Oriental Trading Company. They have plenty of fun crafts but they generally come in kits, sold by the dozen.

Cooking/baking is always fun on a wet day. Kids of 2 or 3 have limit kitchen skills, but mine would gladly dump in the ingredients that I measured for her.

We do a lot of dancing in my house. it's great exercise for me and helps to burn some of my daughter's excess energy. Reading is always a great passtime after the dancing wears you out! Dancing then reading eventually leads to naptime- sometimes for both of us!


trooper March 7, 2009

Get a rain measurement gauge - and a weather vane.
If possible, a wall mounted weather station is invaluable. Kids love to see how much it has rained. Also, having a weather station, lets kids see the actual changes in pressure, wind, and temperature. My kids loved predicting the change in weather. It was a great way to start teaching them about the water cycle. There are so many fun science and math projects that a rainy day can actually be something to look forward to. Several years ago, I'm dating myself, Magic School Bus did a great video and book on the water cycle! I enjoyed it as much as my children.
Also - have the kids do a sensory experience with the rain! What does it smell like - taste? - look - feel-hear?
By all means, get umbrellas and boots and splash in some puddles! And take lots of pictures! Enjoy these precious moments with your children!!


vacekd1001 March 7, 2009

trooper, great idea


SherryPost July 29, 2009

I signed up with Smarty Crafts and the first kit I received was called "Rainy Day". It had crafts to do on rainy days plus other activity ideas to do inside & outside. The great thing is the activity kit is based on kindergarten concepts so I'm able to be creative & crafty but also fold in educational lessons while doing it. The kit gave me great ideas to "play smart" as they say. Check out their website

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