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Things to do in my spare time with 3 year old son


myluvwyatt February 17, 2009

We live in Edgerton, WI and have the most difficult time finding play groups or mom groups in our area.

I have afternoons free and would love to spend my time talking with other parents and having my son play with other children.

So where do you find these places?

I work outside of the home/mornings and am home by 1:30pm usually.

I am not part of a church, have gone to libraries, not part of any sort of group and am lost at what to do.

I'm beginning to feel quite lonely and don't know where to turn.

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vacekd1001 February 17, 2009

Welcome to Great Schools

I know how you feel. I feel isolated at times too. Does any of your churches around you have MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) however around here most groups meetings are in the morning. My son goes to school in the mornings.

I have signed him up for private gymnastics and soccer lessons since all the park district programs are in the morning. this gives me a chance to talk to other moms. my son is 3 yrs. 10 months


tjlove February 17, 2009

Hi Myluvwyatt,

One thing you might want to consider doing is signing up for some mommy and me type classes where you can meet other parents and kids your son's age.

Hope this helps!


maggie93215 February 17, 2009

In my free time I like taking my kids to book stores like Barnes n Nobles or boarders they have a childrens section and the kids play with others and read/ look at pictures. My 5yr old use to think it was a library.

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