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How do I send my preschooler to preschool when I would all day?


aydensmom555 April 21, 2009

I am having this discussion with my husband,  I would love Ayden to benifit from preschool and get to know kids that he will probably go to school with in kindergarten.  But we both work Monday - Friday and Ayden is in daycare all day where I don't think that he is getting the know how I think he would benifit from in preschool?  Any suggestions.

PS Money is tight or I would send him to a preschool/daycare.

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vacekd1001 April 21, 2009

Hello and Welcome to Great Schools!

I have three suggestions;

1. If you have any friends or family that would be willing pick him up from day care, take him to preschool, then pick him up from preschool and drop him back off at daycare this maybe an option.

2. Also some day cares transport children to school and back again.

3.If your school district provides bus service to preschool they may be able to pick your child up from daycare and drop them back off after school.

Hope this helps.

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tjlove April 21, 2009

Hello and welcome to GreatSchools!
I'm a little confused as to what you're asking.
Are you not able to find a preschool with extended hours?
Have you had a chance to look at our preschool page?

You can use it to look up preschools near you and there are also a ton of helpful articles.


aydensmom555 April 21, 2009

No I can't find something in a decent price range with extended hours. They all seem to be for morning or afternoon with no bus service.


tjlove April 21, 2009

I know what you're going through trying to find a preschool that can accommodate your work schedule and your paycheck. I was able to find one that was comparable in price and hours to our current daycare situation but it took a lot of looking and a little compromise.

Are there any public preschool programs in your area that you could qualify for?


tysweetpea April 25, 2009

I am having the same problem..have you found a resolution? My in home daycare has a preschool program but as a first time mom I am not sure he is at the level he should be. Any thoughts?


vacekd1001 April 26, 2009

twysweatpea, Hi and Welcome to Great Schools

In response to your question about is your child were he should be I was wondering if you ever had a developmental screening done?

Here is a link to general developmental stages.

General Developmental Sequence Toddler Through Preschool


tjlove April 27, 2009

Also, check out our preschool page:

and this article on developmental milestones might be helpful:


maggie93215 May 14, 2009

first of all don't forget that all kids flourish differently. I am a working mother and my son was the only kid in the family so no cousins to play with I kind of felt that he needed to be around other kids to play and socialize right! well I got into this program at school were as long as I work he can be in school of course I do have to pay but it is not much maybe you could check your local school districts to see what they have available for your situation.


aydensmom555 May 14, 2009

I am looking at a catholic preschool for him. They have an all day class with after care in the afternoon. It is a little more then what I am playing for daycare but I am sure well worth it

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