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4 yr old step son has a bad temper,play's in poo,has very poor speech,and cant sit still,what should we do?


kimanim77 April 4, 2009

His mother has bipolar disorder and does not see him to often his temper gets taken out on his little sister who is 3 and we are expecting one of our own if he has a serious issue i would like to get him help before the baby gets here so he doesn't hurt the baby.i want him to get help or am i over reacting?

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healthy11 April 4, 2009

Your step son's behaviors are definitely something to discuss with his pediatrician to start with, but I would also ask for a referral to a pediatric psychiatrist in view of his family history. Many illnesses, including bipolar disorder, do have a hereditary link. is a site that may be helpful to you. Unfortunately, mental health conditions seldom occur in isolation, and so it may be that your stepson has other issues like learning disabilities, that would become more obvious as he enters school. I recommend that you also contact the "Child Find" early intervention specialists at your local school district, and request a complete educational evaluation, including speech/language, Occupational and Physical therapy (OT/PT) evaluation. The sooner you get treatment for him, the better the long-term prognosis.

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