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What is a really good tuition free preschool?


Jujubeemama August 9, 2010

(I am located in Tempe, AZ)I really like the Montessori schools, but can not afford it at this time. I have a 3 year old (he will be 4 in December), and I really want to find a similar school for him. I want a school that build on a child's personal strengths and unique way of learning. Can anyone help me?

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Sweetteah711 November 15, 2010

I live in Charlotte, NC we have a program called Head Start that services 3 & 4 year olds, look into the services provided in your area, you should be able 2 find something for your son. I have the same problem you have except my daughter will be 3 in Dec. and these programs wont service you until your child is 3. I hope this info helps you out.


Sweetteah711 December 21, 2010

Hi, also try preschool co-ops and church preschools they tend to be less expensive.

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