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my child's teacher has her son in her class


oniabrooklyn September 11, 2010

i feel like this makes the other kids want their parents to stay and confuses them

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kebert September 21, 2010

I had the same problem last year. The sub was a student's mom and she was there for 4 months while our teacher was on maternity leave. I felt that she was holding all the kids back at her son's level and not pushing them to excel to their best. I even brought this up at PT one on one saying my daughter was bored to death and needed the challenge but got no where. Fortunately it was only 4 month and her teacher came back and pushed all the kids to their fullest. I feel it's wrong of the school to allow such things and should put the child in a different class.


fattyman September 24, 2010

I don't really think this is such a problem at the preschool level. Many preschools (at least in our area) are run by local people from the community (ie in a church) and often there is only one class available. So many times the teacher will have their own child in the class in this situation. If there are multiple classes available I would think it would be better to place the child in a different teacher's class so the child can learn to better separate from the parent.


yessy2 September 28, 2010

Having your child in the same class where you are the teacher has no effect on the children IF the parents and the teacher handles it correctly. The teacher MUST be neutral and treat her child the same as everyone else and all rules should apply the same. Other parents also must model being supportive of the teacher, remember, this may be the only option she's got. Parents need to explain to their children that this child has the teacher there because she is A teacher, you on the other hand are i.g an attorney, a secretaty, a plummer, etc. and work somewhere else. Children are amazing and understand when they are spoken to in a clear not sheltered way. If you model to your child that you are ok with this situation, chances are your child will be just as ok as well. Teachers and parents need to work together. Bring your concerns about this situation to the teacher herself. As a parent, you would appreciate the same consideration by others.
Regarding the parent who says the teacher held everyone at her son's level, This may have not been the case. Maybe, the sub did not know how to create better lessons, was not good at reading children's level of learning capacity, may have not been given the right teaching tools by administrators, or simply she wasn't a good teacher. Having her son in the class may have not had anything to do with the learning of other children.


poushali July 6, 2011

I am suppotive of moms who take up teaching responsibility seriously. Being a good unbiased techer is all that any child needs to excel. If the teacher and the parent can work out ways to handle her child in the same class, there should not be any problem. Kids are very undrstanding and soon they realise that his/her mom is a teacher at school and he cannot get her sole attention.


beckkids2 July 9, 2011

When I was younger my best friends mom was our teacher and we were a little older than pre school but she made her daughter call her the same thing everyone else did at school. She was her mom but she couldn't call her mom while she was in class.... But we were also in the 1st grade... so she was more understanding to why she had to call her mrs newton instead of mommy....


rachealleebuie July 13, 2011

I am actually struggling with that issue right now. My child is in a pre-school where two of her teachers are related to one of the students. The mother and aunt to this little girl do treat her differently than they treat the other students. I have walked in when the girl is being carried, she is on her mother's lap, she will be playing while the other children are practicing their letters.

Just in the last few weeks my daughter has been crying and begging me to stay. When I explain that I am not a teacher she just doesn't understand yet. We are trying to work the situation out without having to go to the teacher or director about the problems with confusing the other children. I do see my own daughter confused, I can imagine that there must be other children who are, too.


bserfoss October 16, 2011

In a larger school it is easy to change to a different teacher, however when your school only has one teacher per grade it is unreallistic to do that. My son was in my class for two years ( I taught computers at the time) I didn't treat him any different then the other kids. If anything I expected more from him and he has turned out to be an upstanding citizen of our community.


dannyboy123 April 4, 2012

I would not worry about her son, only be concerned about your childs performance, I am certain she will not direct her time towards her son, and deprive the rest of the class.

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