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3 Year Old son, Looking for best Montessori


aneelaiqbal January 5, 2011

Actually my son is 3 years old and I m looking the best education centre for him. Shuld I sent him to Montessori or some where else... Would appreciate ur reply.tell me the name of best montessori in ocala

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prashu1988 March 13, 2013

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lynn24 March 3, 2013

Cornerstone school is considered to be the best school in Ocala. Also, my daughter attends a new school in Ocala called Victory Academy and it's similar to Cornerstone, but VA is a Christian school.


foodlover January 6, 2011

To be honest with you..... Montessori schools are great, but I also enjoy schools that are offered by local churches as well. Everyone has a different opinion on the best school. so what you can do is google schools in your area and call around. Then go interview and take a look at the place. If it meets your standards start a list. Use a pro con format.
Good luck!

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