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Head start for toddler


Radalok February 11, 2012

I have a 14mts daughter and wanted to know what kind of activities or programs I should enroll her.

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MagnetMom February 12, 2012

At just over a year old, there are often wonderful "Mommy & Me" classes run by parks in your area, or through adult education schools (sometimes called Parenting the Toddler), or other options available to you. They'll often fairly low cost, and children are matched up by similar age levels.

Spending time reading books and playing games are both great ways to help her grow. They can be done at home at no cost.

Trips to the zoo, or the train station, or the park to watch and play are great too.

Head Start typically has a minimum age of three and requires the family income to be below certain levels to qualify. But you should check in your area to see what they are.


dzicopula February 12, 2012

A great place to find children's activities is through Macaroni Kid (www. Once on their national site you can find a local chapter by selecting your state and city. You can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter with activities and events for the next weeks.

I hope that helps!



kemare20 February 17, 2012

If you qualify, Early Head Start is a wonderful program that will help prepare your child for school and help you understand your child now and in the future. It is super fun, gets you involved in the community and is FREE. There are income restrictions though as they generally only serve low-income families, though there are circumstances where they can serve over-income.

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