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move from NY to California


derekdaddy July 5, 2012

My son was elected for the NYC city-wide G&T program. But we have decided to move to Walnut, CA. I don't know if they have the same Gifted and Talent program over there. Do I have to inform New York school and department of education that we will be moving out?

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MagnetMom July 6, 2012

Hi derekdaddy,

Nearly every district has some form of GATE (Gifted and Talented education) program.

You'll want to let the NY school system know so that they can award that spot to a child on the waiting list as well as forward your records to Walnut.

Before you move contact the school district and find out if they accept the NY designation or if they need to retest your son. Also find out how they handle gifted education. In California, there are magnet schools which draw kids from many areas, there are cluster programs (where students are grouped within classes of non-gifted), gifted only classrooms, and even pull out programs that happen after school. You'll need to know what you're up against before you get here.

Good luck

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