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Hate school as she doesn't speak english


amitmkhare July 16, 2012

My 3 year old speaks her mother tongue properly but knows only couple of words in english. We recently started her schooling where I think she is facing communication problem as she is not able to communicate with her teachers and other kids. now she hates school and doesn't want to go there. She cries when we drop her to school.
Please suggest what should I do?


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vansi1tm July 21, 2012

I would put her into Head Start! When I worked there in East Lansing/Lansing many students came from all over the world to attend MSU, they enrolled their children who did not know English! One Chinese boy learned, letters and numbers in a few short months of consistent repetition. Or look for a pre school school with multi-cultural languages. I don't know what language you speak but I am sure your 3 year old will do great in the right environment!


Chickenchaser July 22, 2012

Do not worry about it. Unless your real problem is holding down a job AND preschool your child will be okay.. In your case it is guaranteed. Pre-school is the most fatally promoted program in the U.S. . Studies don't SUGGEST kids with and without preschool level out by 3rd grade, . . .there is no question. And if a child is bilingual to any degree by 3rd grade it is leaps and bounds ahead of their mono-speaking english classmates. The trauma is not worth it for the child. I hope you are a say at home like my wife was with four sons. Yep, the bureaucrats hate me, but have confidence in this old teacher. And thanks for enriching the U.S. with your presence.


jenredford July 22, 2012

We adopted our daughter at 3.8 years old. She only spoke Spanish. We were told one of the best ways for her to learn English was in preschool from the other children. After 4 months by the time she turned 4 she had the English vocabulary of a 3 year old. The preschool started her with the younger children because it was more play based and started with easier things like colors and shapes, abc's and numbers. They moved her up when she was ready not by age. Maybe she needs a less structured preschool. BTW both my kids started Kindergarten already reading. There was no lack of learning with this more laid back preschool.


TeacherParent July 24, 2012

Have you observed what happens later in the day? I'd quietly go back to school and see if you can observe your daughter without her seeing you. And what do the teachers say? Does she cry all day? Does she ever seem happy at school?


shellsonal2403 February 24, 2013

Hello, I hope your child has by now adjusted much to the school here. I am in the same boat and my 3 yr old daughter is going to preschool but she doesn't speak English as of now. I wonder if you would like to share the steps you took to make your child more comfortable at school; any suggestions would be great!
much appreciate!


cooper83 February 25, 2013

Hi Amit,
My husband and i are in the process of adopting from China so will probably have a similar experience. Looking at the date you posted i'm sure she is much more settled by now. My suggestion is to make a scrap book telling her story which she can take to school with her and keep in her class room. You can put pictures of some of her favorite familiar things with the English and her first language translation. This is not only a comfort but also a good learning tool. You can also put family photos with your names and the translations of "mother", "father" etc. I saw this done when i was working at a pre-school and the little girl LOVED it, i think mostly because it gave her a way of connecting with people that she would not otherwise have had.

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