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can a child start school if they dont have all their shots?


Anonymous August 19, 2008

can a child start school if they dont have all their shots?

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Cinderbell August 22, 2008

Here, students may start school without having all required shots but only for, I believe, 60 days, then after that, they are not allowed in school until they receive their shots.

Of course, parents are allwowed to opt their children out of this requirement due to religious or medical reasons....but then, why would schools bother to make vaccines "mandatory" when it really isn't.

Right or wrong, unvaccinated students are allowed to go to school with vaccinated students. While vaccines are not 100% effective, I do all I can to try and prevent sickness and diseases.


MSMomm August 22, 2008

This article was on NPR this morning regarding Measles:

To answer the original question, parents have to provide proof that their child(ren)'s vaccinations are up to date, if they have been vaccinated. If the vaccinations aren't up to date, there's a short grace period for the parents to have vaccinations brought up to date; otherwise those children are not allowed to return until the vaccinations are up to date.


buckaroo August 22, 2008

This must be the hot topic, with school starting and all. Here's another article dealing with the subject.


momoflittlemen September 10, 2008

yes ,you will need to sign the exeption form.They may push for vacc. but stand your ground.I have two boys age five and five year old almost passed away because of vacc..He is constantly sick now.The three year old has no vacc.and has had one small cold.Please check out Vaers website.STAY HEALTHY


Aswego September 12, 2008

Yes. It's a parents choice to vaccinate and the state can't deny public education even at the risk of public safety. I do not and will not have my daughter vaccinated for chicken pox or the flu, however everything else, hep., polio,rhuebella, mumps, measles, etc, those I feel are an absolute must. I am curiouse if other parents so no to those as well. I wouldn't but would like to hear your thoughts.


momoflittlemen September 15, 2008

Hello Aswego ,This is momoflittle men. I do not give any more vacc. as I now know what is in them.Vaccinations are made from diseases grown on animal parts or aborted fetuses.Please check out Vaers website.When children recieve there vacc. some of the DNA from the animal or fetus is transferred to your child.Later in life the vacc is known to cause cancer,shingles and a list of other diseases. I tried not to be graphic but PLEASE check out VAERS website for more info..Also most vacc wear off after a number of years however the DNA and chemicals will remain .Stop supporting the drug companies.Keep you babies healthy


kieraerinW September 16, 2008

You have the choice to vaccinate your child,no matter which state or country you live in.You have to write a letter stating your beliefs and why you arent vaccinating your child,and turn it into the school.You have to do this every year they are in school.


NancyDrew July 30, 2009

Wow, I see a lot of angry parents on here. Its taken me years of research to come to the point I have on the vaccine issue. I first heard about the issue and thought, oh those crazy religious people, they are going to get us all killed.
Being a fairminded person, I trotted over to the CDC website and poured through the ingredient lists. I did some medical journal searches, trying to unearth some solid testing on each of the (I'll admit horrifying) ingredients. I really couldn't find any. Most of the known toxic ingredients have not be proven safe at any level. So, I went out a bought every book I could Pro and Con. I read everything I could, my friends were so sick of hearing about all my vaccine information they could have killed me.

My final decision was not just based off of the massive amount of evidence of long term auto-immune diseases linked to vaccines and their ingredients. It came from a CDC court hearing's minutes on the conflict of interest inquiry of the vaccine panel. It's about 12 people who literally decide whether or not a vaccine is approved or denied for mandatory use. 80% had financial conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical company whose vaccine was up for approval.

Until I am absolutely sure that the companies producing them are no longer the same ones testing them (the cdc/fda rarely test, they read overviews of tests done by the companies themselves), until the ingredients are removed that we have known for 60 years to be toxic are all out (mercury is just the tip of the iceberg, I discovered) and until there is not a single conflict of interest in the tiny panel which votes, I will never give my child a single vaccine.

If you do your research and I mean read everything you can, WHO has detailed lists that go back to the 80's of vaccine preventable disease outbreaks, the results will shock you. I never imagined that I would end up on the other side of the debate. Never. I use to call people who didnt vaccinate completely crazy, but I hadn't done my own research. Once I did, I know I would never subject my child to them, the diseases are extremely rare, little proof exists of the vaccines contributing to decline, the cdc publishes graphs of decline, you can see with your own eyes the sharp decline of every major disease before the vaccines where introduced. The more I learn, the more I am starting to see how big a role publicity has played in making us believe in this multi-billion dollar farce.

And if you do come to the same conclusion as I finally did, don't punish yourself for not researching it in such depth sooner. You are a busy mother and you should be able to trust your doctors! You thought they knew better and so did I.

And to all the mothers who I previously called crazy for not vaccinating. I am so sorry. I guess I was so angry at the thought of having to deal with being a parent and figure out all the medicine on my own, it was all just too overwhelming. My mind couldn't consider that what I believed my whole life was wrong. You're all doing a great job! Your gentleness on the subject always shocks me. You never get irrate over the fact that vaccinated children shed the live polio virus through their skin putting everyone at risk for 2-4 weeks after injection, or any other of the dangers vaccinated children put on each other, parents and everyone. You simply defend you positions! I love that about your guys!

On a final note, just remember back when the APA repeatedly refused to add the Chickenpox shot as "mandatory," until pressure from the CDC forced them. I believe the APA President resgined after that claiming that the reasoning of loss of pay for parents of sick children is not an acceptable medical reason. This is the bureaucracy we parents are up against. The GDP deciding which vaccines our kids should get. Not everyone is a fighter, but even a silent protest is a huge help!

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