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samiahad July 29, 2012

i need a help. i have a son he born on eptember 14 2007 . he need another year to go in kindergarden. i'm so ubsut about that. i like to put him in KG this year. but they say he have only 4 years old.
please if there is somone he can can help to found a school that they accpet this situation please let me know.MY ZIPE CODE IS 21244.

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MagnetMom July 30, 2012

Hi samiahad,

It is very frustrating for families when they find out that their children miss the cut off by a few weeks, or even a few days. How some families get around it is that they enroll in a private school for kindergarten (and often first grade), and then resume public schools in second grade.

Public schools do allow for some ways to test in, but you'll need to contact your district to find out what applies in your area.

Good luck!


nmartin10 July 30, 2012

I would say don't rush it. The extra year in kindergarten will only help him and give him an edge over his other classmates. I was in a position where my son did make the cutoff date and I wanted him to go on to kindergarten as soon as he was able to. When he finished kindergarten, he tested at private schools to go into 1st grade but they said that he needed another year of kindergarten. They explained to me that even though he was very smart and could probably do the work...developmentally....he could use the extra year. I really did not understand at that at first and thought it was just about him being able to do the work. I found a catholic school that would take him without testing. He went on to 1st grade but by the middle of the year I regretted it and wished that I kept him in kindergarten another year as suggested. I later discovered that most of the children in his class either did an extra year of kindergarten or started later...and my son was the youngest person in the class. (Google "redshirting" when you get a chance). It made it very hard to keep up with his peers by him being the youngest. Not saying you will have the same problem...but the extra year may just reiterate some things and really benefit him. There is really no race to finish school.

Best of luck with whatever you decide though.

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