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moving accross states in corp. housing. Where to enroll boys?


Rnicholson123 August 6, 2012

Hi, we are moving to Hillsboro Oregon in a week and will be in corporate housing for a month. Im not sure where we are going to buy a house, maybe forest Grove area or surrounding. Where would you enroll your kids. I have a 9year old and 61/2 going into the school. We won't have an address when school starts. Yikes!

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MagnetMom August 6, 2012

That's a tough one. Are you moving to a new job? Check with the HR people. They can usually put you in touch with people in the office with kids the ages that your kids are. Or contact the school district and find out if you can enroll based on the corporate housing and stay in that school after you move (assuming it's a school you like).

In the meantime, you can start narrowing down your search here:

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