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Please help. I can't find a PreK for my daughter.


Sferry79 August 26, 2012

Can someone, anyone please help me? I just naturally assumed my daughter would attend PreK at Green Park which we live around the corner from. When I brought her in and going out that they were testing students to see whom would qualify I was shocked but figured she knew enough and would still get in. That wasn't the case. I was told she wasn't accepted because she scored too high and other students that weren't as prepared as she was would be enrolled so that they would be able to do better in kindergarten. This is something I don't and will not ever understand. My daughter is not at the point of reading and writing. She doesn't know her letters yet. I've done the best I could teaching her but I also have a new baby and I haven't been able to further the process in a while. Sorry for this long drawn out story. My question is does anyone know of a school, not daycare that I can enroll her in? We are well below poverty level right now but my parents are being as generous as they can and allowing me to put her in a school of any kind but the max is $300 a month. I have called everyone and I am on every waiting list but each place told me it was unlikely they would have an opening. If someone has a suggestion please help. She is very bright and needs to be challenged. I am holding her back at this point.
I do have one last question or just an inquiry if someone could help shed some light on this. I know of 2 children now that got into Green Park. Both can read and write and are only 4. They are in the PreK 4 program like I was hoping my daughter would be. They were even tested at Metairie Academy but there was no room. How did this happen?
Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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MagnetMom August 27, 2012

Hi Sferry79,

GreatSchools is a nationwide website, so you might want to consider posting this in a local community by looking to the right where it says "Browse by city."

It sounds like in your community, Pre-K is optional. Some districts offer the spaces by lottery, and others do it by need. You might want to look at a program like HeadStart, as well.

Other options would be to look at programs that are run through churches or even park and recs.

Good luck.


HeatherPrater September 1, 2012

Im not sure where Green Park is, but Blue Goose Children's Learning Center is a preschool in Newport that is very good. They are open 3 days a week and they have am, pm and all day sessions. They are $20 a session so 2 ams or 2 pms a week would cost you $160 a month. You can do one half day and one full day and that would cost you $240 a month. Or 2 full days would be $320 a month. You cant contact the owner at 717-329-5803.

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