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kckusek September 14, 2012

Hi, we are starting to look for a pre-school/Elementary school and since our daughter is growing up bi-lingual, I would love for her to formally learn German in school as well. How can I find a German School near us (zip 92591)?

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TeacherParent September 14, 2012

I don't know your zipcode but most large cities in the U.S have a Goethe Society - it's a German language and German help center. Call them or e-mail the nearest Goethe Center or - just punch in German language school and your town's name into Google for an easy way to start.

Few if any public schools these days offer German at the preschool/ elementary level but also check out Waldorf Schools. Waldorf schools are private schools and found all over the world and their curriculum traditionally has included German from the youngest grades on up. You can easily find a list of Waldorf schools in the U.S. online.


MagnetMom September 14, 2012

Hi kckusek,

TeacherParent has given you some great advice. The reality is there are several German immersion programs just a little west of you, but they're not within a commuting distance. Glendale has legendary programs in numerous languages including German--so highly sought after that families in Los Angeles petition to get in. It's here:

Also, Santa Monica has

But as far as Temecula goes, you might have to rely on afterschool and weekend programs or look to transfer out a ways.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

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