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Great preschools in Cherry Creek 5?


JAllen92010 January 18, 2013

Hi All - I'm looking for a great preschool for my daughter - starting in Fall 2013. Does anyone have any recommendations (or bad experiences)?

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kerrym18189 January 21, 2013

The preschool affiliated with Trails West Elementary is good, at reasonable cost, half-day only.

After a year of "Early 3's" and a year of Trails West preschool, I have my daughter at "La Petite Ecole" (full-day). It's great!! She is learning French, she can read simple books now, and has even learned to ride her bike! Cost: I am paying more per semester than I am for my 18-year-old at Aurora Community College. I'll find out soon if this preparation has sufficiently prepared her for the local magnet school!


Jocelyn09 January 21, 2013

i am in the same boat as you. I want to find a great pre school for my daughter but dont know where to look because I dont drive.


JAllen92010 January 31, 2013

Thank you kerrym. I'll check out La Petite Ecole!

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