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Preschool in Downtown Indianapolis or Zionsville Area


WhitneyKlinck January 22, 2013

Any recommendations for preschools/daycares in Downtown Indy or Zionsville???

My son is currently in daycare close to where I work in Zionsville. We commute from downtown Indy every day. I love having him close and like his daycare, but wouldn't mind a preschool option closer to home for him (more school / less drive). I would love for him to go to The Children's Museum, however, the hours won't work for us - can't take him back and forth between two different places during the day.

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MagnetMom January 23, 2013

Hi WhitneyKlinck,

You're reaching a decision that many families face. I faced it years ago when my son went to day care and we worked 20 and 30 miles from our front door. We opted to have my son closer to my husband's work so someone could pick him up in the case of an emergency in just five minutes.

You will definitely want contingency plans in case of weather or a car breakdown on who can pick him up and how.

You can look at preschools here:
You'll be able to compare philosophies, and read parent reviews.

Good luck!

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