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jcnanavati February 11, 2013

Hello I'm looking into starting my 4 yr. old into Pre-school. I live in the Columiba/Harbison, SC area. I'm fairly new to the area and lost on where to begin. I want something part time a few days a week. Like every parent I want the best of the best for him. Unfortunately, my situation seems to drastically limit my options due to finances or cost of the programs. Does anyone have any suggestions? I checked into Head Start but he doesn't qualify for the "in class" program due to the criteria and my circumstances. Same with the ABC vouchers program through the local DSS office for Richland Co.

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wishpa February 12, 2013

Are you zoned for Lexington-RIchland district 5? If so, any chance your child can get into the district's 4K program? Otherwise, I think Union Methodist's preschool is known to be pretty good. I live a little further out of town than you, so I'm not sure what other opportunities are in the Harbison area, but most preschools around seem to be associated with some church or the other. If you're checking with a church preschool and finances are an issue, you might ask if they have any provision for assistance or reduced tuition. I'm not sure if that works since we paid full regular tuition when our daughter was at a church preschool, but it would make sense to me?
Our daughter's preschool had different options for number of days per week, before/after preschool care, etc. I'd recommend it, but it would probably be more of a drive than you would like. As an example, we had a choice of 2 or 3 days/week for her at age 3, and a choice of 4 or 5 days at age 4. That worked out well for us. We considered a montessori program, but it was set up for 5 days a week at age 3, which was more school than we wanted for her at that age.
Hope that helps!

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