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Moving to Florida and totally lost on how to find the right school


Lulevy May 20, 2013

I`m moving to Florida in a couple of months from Brazil and need to find the right school to my kid who will be 4 years old in the end of July (So he will be already 4 when we finally move in). Should I look for a preschool or a kindergarten? Here in Brazil he goes to a Canadian preschool since the age of 2. Preschools are only private, correctly? When is it possible to enroll them in public schools (not sure yet about public or private later on)? Any recommendations of preschools around Boca Raton? Thanks so much!!

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TeacherParent May 22, 2013

Kindergarten here usually asks that children be 5 years old - sometimes even 6. If your son is just 4, you'll need a preschool or pre-k 4. And preschools are for the most part private in the U.S.

Boca Raton is a very nice community - it will have nice schools and nice preschools. I can't recommend one specific one but maybe others can. Try to google 'Brazilian community Boca Raton' and you may find a chat board or message board for others from Brazil who are living in Boca.


mga_rodriguez May 24, 2013

Hi Lulevy.
I am in exactly the same situation! I am looking for some schools at Weston or Pembroke pines. And according to my reaserch that schools have PK and ar public. (Everglades, Indian Trace, Sunset Lakes, Cooper City and Hawkes Bluff) But I am not 100% sure about that. I will call these schools on Monday to know more about levels and where my kids can fit on (4 years old and 6 years old in August). Do you have more information since your post?

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