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Moving to Jonesboro,Atlanta and totally need information about Jonesboro School


hilly24 May 31, 2013

I'm moving to Jonesboro, Atlanta in a couple of months from China and need to find the right school to my daughter who will be 5 year old on the end of July ( she will be 5 years old when we finally move in ). Should i look for preschool or kindergarten or give her study english first, correctly? When is it possible to enroll them in public schools? Any recommendations or information about the school? Thanks so much

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MagnetMom June 3, 2013

Hi hilly24, and welcome to the GreatSchools Parent Community.

Since she'll be 5 in July, she will be eligible for kindergarten. Whether you want to place her in kinder or let her have one more year in preschool would be up to you and based on how well she speaks English.

Generally in the U.S., starting with kindergarten, public schools are free. Nearly all preschools cost money.

Public kindergarten will assist her with language acquisition, but it will be a steeper learning curve than the demands of preschool.

You can find schools in your new area by visiting here:

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.


hilly24 June 4, 2013

hiii....thanks for your information magnetMom....
i've already check you gave that link but i really don't know which school is a great school. cause i don't want choose wrong school for my daughter. she's very young and if she have bad environment it will affect to her future too....

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