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lizzy3217 June 28, 2013

Hi. My son has been at home with me all his life. He turns 4 in July...I am looking to put him into a Preschool in the fall, either 2 or 3 days a week to begin preparation for Kindergarten. The KinderCare Center I have an appt. with next week has Preschool for 3/4 yr olds and Pre-K for 4/5 yr olds. I'm wondering which class he should be in. Preschool, because he's never been in care before, or Pre-K because he's close to Kindergarten and he would need the more structured learning. Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks!

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TeacherParent July 3, 2013

The school should be the best source of advice on that - are there other children who come into their Pre-K who've had no other preschool experience? How are his language skills? Does he play well with other children? Those are among the things the preschool will consider as they make a recommendation to you about his placement.


TeacherParent July 3, 2013

The preschool will be the best source of advice on that - they'll ask you questions and observe your son - they'll be interested in his language skills and how well he plays with other children. And he can always move up or down during the year too but ideally you'd like him to place him in the class in which he'll stay for the entire year.


michellereneek July 3, 2013

I would consider both his "independent life skills" like putting on shoes, or changing clothes, using restroom independently, opening own containers, etc. as well as peer interactions. I agree with previous poster that generally a school can decide to move a child to what is developmentally appropriate.

A boy who is just turning 4 can be very high energy and still not always be quite ready for an academic type structure without any exposure to a school environment, but also can quickly adapt. A great and knowledgeable staff should be helpful in making this decision. I do not know what the expectation is in the early part of a KinderCare school year, and some children may come into pre-k with very developed skills and some without.

I am a pre-k teacher in a very developmental program with 12 years of experience with pre-k and TK aged children, and hopefully the school can support his and your needs! Best of luck, four is such an amazing age!

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