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abbygayl August 11, 2013

my 3 year old woke up extra early this morning and didn't wake anyone up . instead she some how climbed to the top of her closet where we keep all of the toys she can only play with when an adult is helping her, like an air brush tattoo kit and that's what she got and tore up the stencils and painted her hands and legs with it . and trashed her room . anyway after we woke up we didn't know what to say so we told her to clean her room and that took 2 hours of tantrums so we packed all her toys up . and her punishment is all day today she has to stay in her room and watch national geographic wild all about animals all day and she can read her books or we gave her one piece of paper and a pencil. its now noon and so far she loves the animals and has written all the letters she knows on the piece of paper . I think its working so far .what do u think ?

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mistyjaqulyn August 16, 2013

I think this is a great punishment! Yes, she is enjoying herself but, she is writing and learning instead of sitting in a corner thinking about how she can better get away with what she has done next time. High five to you and thank you for the great idea. (but, yes there is always a but) Leaving a 3 year old with a pencil, alone, not so good. A crayon yes.

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