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My 3 year old is ready for pre-k and big girl panties. (still relys on her pull ups)


mistyjaqulyn August 16, 2013

My (she's 3 today) is fixing to start Pre-K. She goes to the potty all the time, and uses it. But, she depends on her pull up for "poopy time" instead of the potty. I have big girl panties that she wears, (and yes she has peepee accidents) but waits to poop when she is in her pull up. Her older brother and sister were trained at 2 & 2 & a half. She is a very "busy" girl. :) She says, "mommy, I have to go poop" but as soon as I open the bathroom door, she has already, pooped. Any advise?

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user5246885 August 17, 2013

No advice, but just wanted to say I feel your pain. One of my 3 yr old twin boys does the very same thing...he refuses to go on a potty or toilet...and will wait till he is in diapers at bedtime or just go in his underwear. I've tried everything, giving treats etc. I'm now hoping the teacher at their preschool who is supposedly the potty training queen will give me some tips! Good luck!

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