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Misbehaved in class


user5301551 September 23, 2013

My son started pre-k this fall. He turned 4 the second week of school. He is incredibly sweet, affectionate funny and intelligent. He knows the majority of what the will be learning this year and i have been told by several teachers that he could easily be at the top of his class.

The problem? He absolutely refuses to participate in class. He is being disruptive and rude, he has even been hitting the other kids.
These are all problems that we have not encountered at home with him. He is a child so there are times that he has been in time out or spanked but nothing like what is going on in class.

I've had to pick him up almost everyday for being disruptive and/or for hitting. I am at a loss as to what I should do with him...

We sit and chat every day and night and he tells me that he wants to be in school and to be a good boy. We have pep talks every mornings and he tells me exactly what he should and should not do...and then gets to school and does the opposite..

I am lost - I hope that someone can give me some sort of insight on what I can do with him. Please help!!

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user5305155 September 25, 2013

I am having the same concerns with my 5 year old daughter. (Just turned 5 this past Sunday) She is the sweetest, most loving and vibrant litlle person. She has been asked to leave 3 different facilities in the last 3 months due to her behavior. She is disruptive, throws violent tantrums that often involve hitting & throwing objects. She does not exhibit these behaviors at home. I'm at a loss as well. We are currently doing behavior therapy at home. It is helping at home but is not impacting her school behavior.

Hopefully there are some parents out there that have succeeded in this situation. I have missed countless days of work due to her being suspended or expelled. She is very remorseful and says she tries to behave. Everyday she says she's going to have a good day & I usually get a call between 11 am and 3 pm due to her ongoing disruptive behavior the entire day.

I echo you cry, Please help!


TeacherParent September 26, 2013

I have you observed in his class? I would go in and quietly observe so you can see for yourself what's happening.

When you would eat out, does he sit at the table or is that hard for him? Can he work on projects at home? Will he sit while you read him a book?

And what do the teachers say happens when he hits at school? Is it over toys or sharing or is it done without any reason?


user5313595 October 2, 2013

I am having the same problem. I came on this website trying to find a school that is willing to work with me and my son.

I am losing sleep because I am so stressed about finding a pre-school in a hurry. The school he is in says I have until Friday. This is our last year before kindergarten, and now I'm wondering if he will even make it in public school at all.

What can be done? Help!!!!!


user5314180 October 3, 2013

I am having the exact same problem with my son. He turned four in March and started Pre-K this fall. He is very kind, affectionate, loving and smart! He gets his work done before anyone in his class but his listening skills are terrible. I started reading this book Positive Discpline and he has really turned around at home. In school he still has his days, but I think his teacher and I just need to be on the same page. Talking to the teacher at school to get on the same page can make the difference!


user5318992 October 8, 2013

I am having the same problem my son is also in K-4 but will be turning 5 next month and he is having meltdowns in school. He will get upset and become violent, such as throwing chairs and hitting other children, but he doesn't act like this at home. His school has cameras and I have watched him repeatedly to see what triggers this behavior but its spontaneous. I have had him tested so he tested positive for ADHD but the doctor said that his scores were real low so no medicine is needed but we are doing Behavioral Therapy with a therapist once a week. We started all of this last year when he was in K-3 but he was doing awesome so halfway during the summer we stopped and now that he has moved up to the next classroom total change.

Here is what I think. I know for a fact that his teacher is not firm she is a pushover but she is awesome because she is patient and calm. So now my son is just taking advantage of that. He is very stubborn and is typically the child that will test the teacher when starting in a new classroom. I am at a loss the day care center is now calling me daily to talk to my son and I don't know what to do.

His last three teachers would put my son in his place so yes the first couple of weeks were rough but once he knew he couldn't get his way his attitude was fine. But I don't want to put the full blame on the teacher because she can't be firm with him but that is what he needs. Should I change schools again or what?


user5343223 October 29, 2013

Make him busy by assigning some interesting work like drawing.. try to spend more time with him few days.

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