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Consider Center Base vs Home Base child care


user5444263 February 9, 2014

We are a preschool facility in San Jose and wanted to see why would some parents consider home base instead of center base child development care?

Thanks for your help in advance...

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TeacherParent February 13, 2014

Most preschools are private not public and so charge tuition. That would be one reason.

Some parents fully enjoy their children's company and like to delay their children's entry into school and make the most of their time together.


MagnetMom February 18, 2014

We didn't use a preschool, but I know people who used both over the years.

A larger child care/preschool facility has fewer days off and often extended hours. They can accept kids of different ages. They can offer larger facilities and additional programs like dance or music, sometimes included in the cost. Unfortunately, they also experience turnover of staff.

Smaller home based child care/preschools are typically smaller, and better for some children who need more constants in teaching staff and need a more nurturing environment. Parents are willing to risk the preschool closures for illness of the provider or even for vacations of the family. Meals can be homemade. It feels like a family.

There is definitely no right or wrong. Some families simply prefer one over the other.

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