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user5548545 May 8, 2014

Hi, Just moved into US. Planning to put my daughter in Preschool. Not clear about the schooling system here. Can anyone help with the different school types in Omaha, NE.

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TeacherParent May 15, 2014

Most preschools are private in the U.S. and there are school fees to pay. The cost can vary widely.

Of the private preschools, some are religious in nature. Many churches have preschools. Other preschools have no connection to any religion.

There are also 'daycare centers' which do have preschools within them. Parents who use the daycare centers tend to be those parents who work outside the home and need their children to have daylong care.

This website lists 680 preschools in Omaha and to my surprise many public schools in Omaha have preschool for 5 year olds.

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