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Preschool and 6th grader


user5624334 July 23, 2014

I am new here from IL. My children and husband arrive in town on 8/16/14. I live in North Phoenix and I have having difficulties finding a good school and preschool program for free. I'm open to all suggestions, please help!

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TeacherParent July 23, 2014

Phoenix has a number of charter schools - google charter school Phoenix and their names will come up. Charter schools do not charge tuition.

Preschools are usually not free in any state.


MagnetMom July 24, 2014

Definitely contact the schools, public and charter, in your area about both your 6th grader and at what age their pre-K programs start. There are increasingly more programs available for pre-K and transitional K that depending on the age of your child you might be able to get into. They do fill up quickly, and often require lotteries for admission, but you only need one slot.

Good luck!

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